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– A little nervous – VG

Many were right to guess that Anne Rimmen (39) was in a costume. She is herself some relieved it’s over.

Raven revealed at the end of the broadcast before she lost that she was in mamaperm. A few minutes later it became clear that she had received the fewest votes this evening.

However, the strap took the defeat with a hug and smiled broadly as the mask was removed.

“It was very cool,” said the popular host.

About nerves

Rimmen admits to VG after the program ends that he does has demanding weeks.

“I had a lot of nerves along the way that I didn’t feel before,” he says.

– Moreover, I have never sung in front of people before. I tried to tell myself that I was on a lot of live broadcasts, so it’s probably going well, she laughs.

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She wrote Rimmen was “The Raven” on Wikipedia – before it went off

Rym practiced a lot, and the child at home is well acquainted with all the songs, he says.

– I rode a wheelbarrow and sang.

The last, the last, the last: “Revealed” on Wikipedia half an hour before being burned out

Rimmen never thought he would be fourth.

“I am kind of relieved that this is the end, but of course it would be fun to get to the finals once I got this far,” he admits.

– Threshold

Rhyme likes to push, but singing in front of people wasn’t just that.

“It was a threshold to cross, so it was reassuring that it could be done behind the mask,” he says.

Dice throwing blows

Family logistics was a challenge. It was also not easy to lie to friends and others, because in recent weeks many have asked for a lot.

– I tried to serve white lies.

VG reviewer Tor Martin Bøe served Ravnen two threes tonight (see all dice later in this article).

– I roll the dice very calmly. I’m not a singer. It’s not a vocal competition either, she smiles.

– Now I’m going home to breastfeed!

Special photo with all performances of the evening:

Rimmen immediately kindled the concept when she was asked to join. Immediately after removing the mask, she explained to the camera that she immediately found herself on YouTube and watched the TV circus.

The Masked Singer comes from Korea, but is available in countless varieties around the world.

OUTSIDE: Raven pulled out the shortest straw tonight. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

Before she sang the song again, Rimmen said she would like to thank the costume designer Kjell “Baron von Bulldog” Nordström.

– He works day and night – she emphasized.

10.6 percent Television viewers guessed that Rimmen gave birth to her daughter in April of this year.

Before putting on the mask, Ravnen had suggested that she was used to controlling her feelings, that she was a modern woman, and that she allowed her husband (such as Ailo Gaup) to decorate the house.

DUET: Anne «Ravnen» Rimmen and Knut Anders Sørum. Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

Here are the dice rolls

– repeated the reviewer of VG Tor Martin Bøe company from last Saturday and broadcast continuous “character” throughout the evening in the form of throwing the dice.

New to the evening was that former Star Wars contestants starred as duo partners Ulrikke Brandstorp (25), Espen Grjotheim (44), Knut Anders Sørum (44) and Raylee (23).

TOP FOUR: Trollet, Ravnen, Elgen and Vikingen pictured before today’s broadcast. Photo: JULIA MARIE NAGLESTAD / NRK

It is not known if this means that Ulrikke is NOT inside the Troll. Needless to say, she was the hottest candidate to hide behind this particular costume if you sum up both the panel and the TV viewers’ guesses.

But maybe both can be achieved? In any case, neither Brandstorp, nor the rest of the Star Wars contestants know who is behind the mask of the one they sang with tonight.

Brandstorp himself denies – and says thus (the article continues below the video):

The reviewer’s VG dice roll is not mainly based on singing, but on WHO which can hide behind masks and how appear on stage.

You have all the tips? VG summarizes here

Challenges for participants: – I’m crazy about it

(Continuation of the article under the bone graphic)

Maskorama has become a huge magnet for the viewer. The first four broadcasts of the controversial talk show boast an average of over a million viewers, including online viewing.

Over a million viewers watched the mask match in a linear fashion last weekend, according to data received by VG from NRK’s ​​analysis department.

read it? Participants receive professional help

The final battle will take place this Saturday. Then all three final contestants will be dewormed and the winner will be chosen – after weeks of immense secrecy.

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