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After four years of the housing nightmare, Tone Damli receives an update:

There are many interesting neighbors who watched excavators and the like on the site of the singer Tone Damli in Bærum.

– Everything is happening now. Slowly but surely, but I dare not comfort myself until this house is built, says Damli in the film at the top of the box.

District Villa

It all began when Damli and Markus Foss bought a house on Blommenholm in Bærum in 2015.

Since then, it has brought both illegal demolition of houses and penalties.

Among other things, residents decided to sell parts of the plot for NOK 7.2 million, which is NOK 750,000 at the price.


BLOMMENHOLM: The housing project in Bærum has now begun for good. Photo: Tips

Construction work has already begun, and the couple can not wait to finally have their own home.

– I can't wait four years. I hope this will happen soon. I think we will have fun, explains the cheerful girl Sogndal.

I stayed with my grandfather

When TV 2 talked to the 31-year-old last year, the housing situation was not entirely optimal. The couple took their daughter Billie (5) and moved home with their grandfather Foss.

– We have a lot of space. Billie has her own bedroom. Enjoys where we live now. Although it is an old house, it is a wonderful house. We all have our things there. We must be happy so far, "she said then.

The former Idol finalist also explained that all headlines, all ups and downs and all expectations are demanding.

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