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Apple shares fell on Monday by 2.84%. After storage before the weekend. On Friday, the share ended 6.63 percent, the worst case for over four years.

As a result, from the time of closing on Thursday, when the company published the latest quarterly report, inventories fell by 9.40 percent.

Apple's earnings per share were $ 2.91 per share in the company's fourth quarter, from $ 2.07 per share the year before.

Stock markets in the US ended the mixed Monday, when the technology sector was charged with a new fall day for Apple.

At the time of closure, the changes were as follows:

  • Dow Jones index increased by 0.76 percent
  • S & P 500 increased by 0.56 percent
  • Nasdaq ended the drop by 0.38 percent

Sources: Iphone XR trays

Nikkei Asian Review wrote on Monday that Apple hides plans to increase production of the iPhone XR and focus on older models of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Anonymous sources familiar with this case claim that the Foxconn subcontractor will produce approximately 100,000 fewer calls a day than the plan.

– From Foxconn, they explained the 60 production lines of the Apple XR model. In the past, they used only about 45 production lines, because the company's main client said he did not have to produce so much now, says one source of the site.

Apple's share was reduced again

In connection with the results report before the weekend, the brokerage house Rosenblatt Securities also lowered the recommendation for Apple, writes CNBC.

This is the second cut for the iPhone manufacturer, and in terms of number one, prospects and phone sales have disappointed the market.

On Wall Street, Apple dropped by 3 percent on Monday and shares fell 9.5 percent from Thursday.

Analysts from Rosenblatt reduced the recommendation to neutral from previous purchases, on the grounds that Apple will be difficult to counteract weaker sales volumes at higher prices.

On Friday, Bank of America downgraded the recommendation for Apple.


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