Bendtner was sentenced to 50 days in prison for violence against taxis


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Copenhagen / TRONDHEIM:

The city court in Copenhagen sentenced Nicklas Bendtner RBK to 50-day imprisonment after the September multiple-violent episode in Copenhagen.

Taxi drivers were acquitted by three city court judges.

The prosecutor bribed Nicklas Bendtner for three months in unconditional jail and 20 days for taxi drivers.

Bendtnert was burdened with simple violence after stealing the taxi and not dressing.

Taxi drivers were accused of attempting violence and telephoned over a car while driving.

Bendtner denies the punishment, but admits he was with the taxi driver

He refused the penalty

Nicklas Bendtner arrived in Copenhagen on Friday morning with a morning flight from Trondheim, who came to his lawyer in gray suits. In the rest of the morning, the RBK spiked and taxi driver explained to the court what happened on the night of September.

Both Bendtner and the taxi driver refused to punish the violence and the violence. The video about the taxi shows that Bendtner and his girlfriend disagreed with the taxi drivers on the way home and left the cab after 400 meters after the taxi. The video showed that the taxi drivers repeatedly shouted at the couple when they left.

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Recognizing that he was struck

After calling a colleague, the taxi driver turned and led to the couple. In court he admitted that he had said that "her mother's grave swore that she had beaten or broke Bendtner." When he found the party at the National Bank, he continued to shout bad words and throw a metal box after it. He went out of the taxi and Bendtner, then hit the RBK.

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Bendtner said in court that he defeated self-defense and was afraid of what was happening to him and his girlfriend. The taxi driver dropped into the ground before he got up and drove away. Looking back, it turned out that he was injured in breaking the face and jaw.

The accusation says Bendtner had to kick the taxi driver after landing. Bendtner refused to kick the driver, but he said in court that he had crossed the taxi to see if it was okay.

Beside Bendtner and the taxi driver, the colleague talked with the driver, and the police was on the spot for the first time. After the plan, Bendtner's girlfriend must also testify, but he has fallen due to the time pressure.


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