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The time when Netflix was united as a global player on the energy market has come to an end. Many companies are involved in challenging Netflix for the next few years.

One of the first who is fresh in Norway

While Netflix first of all had to resort to "local" actors after they were available in more than 190 countries in 2016, now some of the most powerful companies in the world will be the pretenders. This was the company's most offensive attack after they invested in slightly more controlled forms in previous years.

Netflix headquarters in Amsterdam. Photo: Netflix
Netflix headquarters in Amsterdam, which employs over 400 people. Photo: Netflix

Norway was one of the first countries to focus on Netflix, in which the streaming service appeared in 2012. Founder of Netflix Reed Hasting he used big words when he talked to Serienytt.

The Netflix effect was immediate. Telenor among others reduced energy consumption, Comoyo, when they were taken to bed by Netflix and HBO Nordic so quickly arrived in the country.

Over 100 million subscribers

Netflix has benefited from the end of its operations and has increased the number of subscribers by over 100 million since 2012. Now the number reaches 140 million.

This number provides a solid income for the company, but the venture also costs a lot. The company obtained large loans to finance the growing production of original Netflix products.

Netflix in use. Photo: Netflix
Netflix in use. Photo: Netflix

That's why, because the five-year Netflix service is increasingly dependent on having the content it offers. For the company to be able to buy the series, it will be limited when more large companies focus on their own services.

Disney's contract, among other things, is not renewed, and Netflix has a dilemma with the Marvel series. Recently Netflix decided to cancel Marvel & # 39; s Iron Fist and Marvel & # 39; s Luke Cagethese are series produced by other companies, and Netflix has no such opportunity to be monetized. Especially in the long run.


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It then becomes a case of assessing the streaming service if it is better to use resources for content that is full and completely own. Even some of the original Netflix originals are no longer exclusive to the service.

These are Netflix competitors

The competition is growing. But is there anyone who is a real pretender to the dominant position of the energy service? We are looking at current challenges.


Amazon is a self-proclaimed contender and one of the fastest-tracked companies in the footsteps of Netflix. By the end of 2016, the Amazon Prime Video streaming service was available in 200 countries.

The Man In The High Castle Season 2
The Man In The High Castle is a popular original Prime Video. Photo: Amazon

The company is one of the richest in the world, with solid economic muscles and more legs on which to stand. The company's flow service is part of a larger offer known as Amazon Prime. In addition, the company is the owner of the Amazon Studios production company.

He is heavily invested in original content, with such important productions as Man in the High Castle. Jack Ryan and upcoming Lord of the Rings-series.

Serienytt was in London in October to take part in the company's premiere and they could see big stars such as Julia Roberts, Jon Hamm, David Tennant, Orlando Bloom and author Neil Gaiman.

The improvement takes place in parallel with the development of companies both physical stores and popular online stores in new countries. Amazon is definitely an actor you can rely on.


Rumors have long circulated that Disney is buying Netflix to secure a global distributor. The company went in a different direction and instead relied on its own power supply service Disney +.

Disney + logo. Photo: Disney
Disney + logo. Photo: Disney

Something is a challenge for Netflix, which has a long and good relationship with Disney, both by showing Disney content, and collaborating on the creation of a character-based series that Disney has rights to.

Disney's greatest strength is the Disney brand and some of the most popular films and series in the world aimed at children and young people. The company is also the owner of the rights to popular Marvel superheroes and the entire universe of Star Wars after strategic acquisitions of companies created in the last decade.

Thor Marvel: Picture: Marvel
Thor Marvel is one of the few heroes Disney has rights to. Series about brother Thor Loke is on his way to Disney. Photo: Marvel

The acquisitions included Lucasfilm and Marvel. They are now in the process of completing a major takeover of giant Fox, without an information department. The US authorities are currently assessing whether the sale is to be approved.

Disney + is to be a family-friendly service. This means that the service will not rely on a competitor to rely on those seeking content with a higher age limit.

To solve the flop of such Disney-owned content, including success Deadpool, Hulu is listed as a solution. For taking over Fox by Disney, it also includes a 60% stake in the Amritsian Streaming Service. Since then Fox and Disney had 30% each, but now Disney has become the majority owner – unless the US authorities have put an end to the takeover.

Warner media

AT & T purchased last year Warner media (previously Time Warner), which in turn owns HBO. AT & T is one of the largest and most traditional American companies that currently belong to HBO, Turner Broadcasting Networks, TBS, CNN, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Turner Broadcasting International.

It is an extensive possession that includes channels such as TNT, Cartoon Network and the DC superhero library (Batman, Supermann, etc.). The film library is also extensive.

In Norway, HBO content has been available for several years HBO Nordic, an energy service that worked a bit like a spear blade for HBO.

Game of Thrones is WarnerMedia's flagship product. Photo: HBO Nordic

WarnerMedia is also the owner of the part Hulu (10%) and CW (50%). The company is even in the top three global media companies measured by size.

You can see the full list of companies on Wikipedia.

Thanks to AT & T money, the back promises to significantly increase the concentration on original content, including HBO.

In October, it also turned out that the company wants to invest in a global flow service, which is expected to reach the end of 2019. The head of the company, John Stankey, was offensive in his statements, and also mentioned the company's potential to invest as much in content as 8 billion dollars. Netflix dollars were used last year.

Titans. Photo: DC Universe
The DC Universe streaming service can be part of the WarnerMedia service. The Titans series comes from Netflix. Photo: DC Universe

What will it mean HBO Nordic the time will be displayed. if Warner media wanting to gather everything in the place of global service, one should, among other things, consider how a popular Nordic facility will fit in everything.

According to Variety (external link) it will exist Warner media– one streaming service, such as Boomerang, DramaFever and DC Universe, will probably be part of a larger streaming service.

If WarnerMedia manages to create a technology platform, it really becomes an actor you can count on. It also means long-term troubles for more players who license the content of the company.


For years, this is a rumor Apples improvement. The company is happy to surprise, but has not yet launched a specific service.

On the other hand, the company resigns from the production of original content. Several large stars are protected for future Apple series. Among other things, a new series of dramas from Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, sci-fi with Ronald D. Moore (outlander. Battlestar Galactica) and miniseries with Chris Evans (Captain America) starring.

Chirs Evans. Photo: Cage Skidmore
Chirs Evans is ready for the Apple miniseries. Photo: Cage Skidmore

In addition, there are series on the road with JJ Abrams (lost) and M. Night Shyamalan, in total a dozen series introduced to production.

Rumors indicate that Apple is more focused on the Disney approach, limiting the content to a family-friendly filter.

In addition to economic muscle and experience via Apple iTunes, the company is also a popular brand. It is not inconceivable for the company to adopt an innovative approach to energy services to further improve the overall Apple offer.

We will probably see the Apple streaming service in 2019 (external link).


He is a stranger Hulu, an energy service that has existed for several years in the United States. In recent years, primarily critically accepted original content has been noticed The story of the handmaiden.

HuluThe position s is peculiar because the owners of the company are Disney, WarnerTime and Comcast. After taking over Fox, if he passes, Disney will own 60%. Disney's boss, Bob Iger, said he was going to increase his commitment to content Hulu and does not exclude global expansion.

Today, these are primarily US and Japanese energy services, previously unsuccessfully tried to run in the UK.

The Tale of Handmaid & # 39; s Tale is available in Norway by HBO Nordic. This is one of several Hulu originals. Photo: HBO Nordic.

Challenge Hulu is that the company has tried and lost to compete with Netflix. It may be natural that a streaming service can play in two teams with Disney, especially if the latter wants their services to be free of content at the age of 18.


The obvious candidate is also Youtubebecause earlier this year it changed its name from premium service from YouTube Red to Youtube Premium.

With its own Google alphabet on the reverse, the popular and traditional service is one of the most economical to use.

It also has a huge advantage of more experience in this field, even more than Netflix, and also has good adhesion to young viewers. Something that promises good in the long run.

Cobra Kai. Photo: Youtube

Youtube also increased the focus on original content. In 2018, Karate Kid was a continuation Cobra Kai one of the great surprises that critics commonly celebrated.

In 2019, YouTube will launch the premiere of over 50 original productions.

Facebook Watch

Facebook also wants to take part in the game and has everything that has its own original productions. A few are on their way.

Facebook WatchFor a long time the giant has taken a dominant position in social media and sees that video is an important area of ​​interest. The company is a bit of an outsider because there is no tradition of content creation or streaming service.

But the same was not the case of Netflix, which in the 90s was founded as a company dealing in the sale of DVDs. Like Netflix, the company was built to facilitate market adaptation.

Shame Austin. Photo: Facebook Watch
Shame Austin. Photo: Facebook Watch.

One of the first Facebook Watch series was the American version of Norwegian Detriment, A number of other series are on their way.


The American media giant CBS has started to internationally stream its streaming service CBS All Access.

Here, among others, the Star Trek brand is compiled with a handful of series on its way. CBS is also the owner of the popular Showtime channel, which is behind the series like Ray Donovan and homeland.

Star Trek Discovery Season 2. Photo: CBS
Star Trek Discovery Season 2. Photo: CBS

The feeder is such that the company gave most of its content to other actors. In Norway, HBO Nordic includes several Showtime and CBS All Access series Good fightwhile Netflix is ​​showing up Star Trek: Discovery.

The company also underwent a management crisis after the powerful head of Les Moonves disappeared as a result of a series of allegations of inappropriate behavior in recent decades.


You can not get out of the pirate industry. With the growing number of suppliers and the increasingly fragmented flow landscape, the total cost of consumers is expected to grow rapidly.

In addition, it can be seen as less user-friendly when everything is scattered on so many players, unless it introduces well-functioning solutions, such as flow guides easily find and run content in various services.

If this does not happen, it will soon be done for the pirate industry to gain popularity. In the history of technology, piracy has been a reaction and side effect of poorly adapted content, which is also associated with many innovations in user friendliness.

Game of Thrones. Photo: HBO Nordic
It remains to be seen whether the competition will contribute positively or negatively to the fight against illegal downloading, for example, playing for the throne. Photo: HBO Nordic

Game of Thrones, which in recent years was the most popular series among pirates, is illegally charged by about 5% (external link) by the US Game of Thrones-seerne. It is estimated that this number is higher in countries where the series is unavailable shortly after the first display in the US For comparison, the pirate download for the Netflix series dropped drastically in Canada when its service reached this country..

Something that becomes a serious challenge, if not many services attack it with ease and affordability. Then we need to work together to prevent the loss of potentially large amounts of money.

Local actors

"Local" is a strange term used for energy services that usually operate in several countries. There is talk of energy services such as NRK. TV 2 Sumo. DPLAY and Viaplay in Norway and similar actors in the world who focus mainly on one or several countries.

Kielergata. Photo: TV 2

Such services can be even bigger than Netflix now, when large companies are growing around the world, because more and more of them have licensed content. Collaboration and an increase in the number of proprietary content is the key, but it can be a daunting matter.

The advantage is knowing the local market and supplementing popular programs and sports broadcasts. It may be difficult to compete on the front of the series, especially when services such as Netflix and HBO Nordic have signaled to fight for local talent. Six years after both services arrived in Norway, content produced in Norway is already on its way in form Beforeigners and Ragnarok.

At the same time, local actors do not necessarily have access to the same innovative technology as the largest global players.

It has also been proven that it is difficult to connect companies to become stronger in the face of international players. The owner of Viaplay, MTG Nordics, was on fire and burned when it was planned that the TDC entered the property page, but the entire acquisition failed (external link).

Look to Asia

We also collect players from the same place under the same umbrella. Asia, due to its huge population (60% of the world's population), is considered a key area because hundreds of millions of potential subscribers are downloaded.

For example, Amazon and Netflix have highlighted the price war and the mass production of local content from regions over the past few years.

But it can also be a company that reaches the rest of the world. Protectionism in conjunction with a newly created company such as Iflix makes the situation both exciting and unclear. Here are many exciting events that take place in countries such as Japan and Singapore.

In addition, China has put an end to it Netflix. Youtube and Amazon Prime Video I got to the country.

The most densely populated country in the world is one of the few countries where US energy services do not work, which means that Chinese companies eliminate competition. It may also allow the Chinese flow service to become dominant in the market and then invest in the international arena.

Forbidden American companies have provided rapid growth (external link) for Chinese companies. For example, the musician claims that it is Tencent have over 800 million users and nearly 30 million subscribers. The company has developed into a room and is now active internationally, including in the United States.

Tencent Video. Photo: Tencent

Tencent Video has over 40 million subscribers. It is estimated by a competitor Iqiyi he is also approaching this number, a service that has secured some of Netflix originals.

Alibaba, the Chinese "answer" on Amazon, also has a streaming service Youko Tudouwhich has passed 30 million subscribers. Alibaba has everything that invests in the international arena and is on its way to becoming a world-leading company with resources that can match the largest US technology giants.

Summary: An unpredictable future

Netflix secured its position at an early stage and tackled established habits and business models. The company showed its way, but now has to see how others are beating.

The current fight will increasingly include international giants in the future.

Several major acquisitions, new innovative players and technological development taking place at a record pace means that there will be major changes.

China's protectionism is an example of how this will affect political behavior. The EU has all the services required to produce a certain amount of European content, while in the United States it is exciting to see what takeovers are important and what the media landscape is.

There is also the question of how the United States reacts to the offensive of Asian companies.

The Netflix service takes so long and still concentrates on power. The company plans to introduce 700 series and films in 2019. And it does not seem that a company that is going through a sharp rise in the stock market is planning to buy the first one.


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