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Doha World Cup – – I thought I was going to die

Athletics are ongoing, and the first days of the championship were many. Among other things, the Ingebrigtsen brothers made a delivery of 5,000 meters after Jakob Ingebrigtsen was close to washing for running away from the track.

Karsten Warholm also delivered, and the final on 400-meter obstacles on Monday will be one of the favorites.

But in recent days attention has been drawn to the conditions in which athletes must run outside. This applies to marathons and racing athletes.

Late at night they will run back and forth along the highway to avoid the worst heat in Doha.

– I thought I would die

The conditions created problems, and when the ladies were to run in the marathon, 28 of 68 athletes had to break through. The conditions for the race below 50 kilometers were also difficult, and several people were struggling with heat.

The one who really had a hard day was Polish Rafał Augustyn. He was very tired along the way and fought for 13th place in yesterday's race.

But it wasn't until the finish that a really big scandal broke out. It turned out that the exhausted Augustine not only covered his 50 kilometers, but also traveled two kilometers in the heat.

The police said the judge told him that he had two kilometers left to drive when he actually reached 50 kilometers.

– I thought I would die. The judge shouted to me: "Go, go!", But I replied that I had walked 50 miles. I wanted to cry, but no tears came because I was so exhausted. I wouldn't protest too much, risking washing. In the end I was completely confused and on the verge of disappearance Augustyn speaks to Polish TVP Sport according to Aftonbladet.

– Scandal

According to Polish media, several people had to run longer than 50 kilometers. This made Augustine angry.

– It's a scandal. They played with my health and life, forcing me to walk another two kilometers with a critical pulse. He says I don't understand how such a mistake is possible in today's technology.

It was Japanese Yusuke Suzuki who won the 50-kilometer race yesterday. He entered 04.04.20 and for the first time in history the World Cup winner did not cross the finish line in four hours.

One can imagine that Doha's warmth and humidity play an important role here.

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