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Famous grandmaster: – Caruana must be angry

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LONDON, OCTOBER 2000: American Mig Greengard (31) fulfills the dreams of every chess player. It is part of the legendary World Cup team Garry & # 39; Kasparov. This October day is in the holiest place, where Kasparow and the secondary prepare holes. Greengard takes the camera and begins to snap. Then Kaspar's mother, Klara Kasparova, looks at him. The angry English and Russian phrases return in it. Garry Kasparov gives a clear message: "Do not take pictures without the mother's permission."

– Klara controlled ironically. I still do not know if it was an accident or if Kasparov lost his second World Championship event against Vladimir Kramnik, who cost me breakfast at breakfast, Greengard says today.

Now the secretion of the World Cup matches is high again. The Youtube video from the Saint Louis Chess Club – published on Tuesday morning – contained a list of places where Fabiano Caruana worked before the World Cup match with Magnus Carlsen.

"Keeping the secrets of getting ready for the opening is all." Even if you do not know anything specific, it's still very important to find out what holes your opponent is working on, explains Greengard, who worked as a chess journalist before he became Kasparov's right-hand man.

– It must be completely angry

While Caruana and Carlsen were on their way to the fourth World Cup remix on Tuesday, the video was vigorously discussed among the audience and journalists in London. There are still many theories, including the fact that the video really does not reveal anything important – and that it is a deliberate attempt to deceive Carlsen. At a press conference, Caruana refused to comment on the film.

Malcolm Pein in British Broadcasting The Telegraph believes that the film could have caused a bad mood in Caruana's band.

– If they put them out, it has no effect. Then they only play. But if the video has matched information, Caruana is furious, says a British chess reporter.

The famous grandmaster and youtuber Simon Williams agree.

"I do not know how much it will affect Caruana, it would really annoy me if someone betrayed all my secrets in a stupid movie." There are months of work, he must be angry, Williams says on his YouTube channel.

Think that the movie helps Carlsen

Caruana did not seem happy when the video was the subject of a press conference on Tuesday. There were big contrasts for Carlsen. "I'm going to watch the movie," said the Norwegian.

Mike Klein, content editor at, believes the disclosure could make it easier for Carlsen.

"There are millions of items you can prepare for. If you enter one such file, your opponent can only examine one percent of posts, then you have done a lot of homework for your opponent – and no wonder," says Klein.

He is convinced that the film is not a trick. He just thinks that Caruana's team made a big mistake.

"Do you think that affects Caruana when you sit on the board?"

– If the files are revealed, it may force you to reject the opening you worked with. It seems strange to play these holes because you know that the opponent is prepared for them, "says Klein.

"So I think Caruana is more troublesome in front of pages than under events, he adds.

After four World Cup matches, it's 2-2. Part five starts on Thursday at 16:00.

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