He thinks that the dog should only say, "I felt strong pain


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(Bergens Tidende): Thursday was the first day Hilde Onarheim was working after she was taken to a hospital in Haukeland, writes Bergens Tidende.

Høyres ordfører kandidat was attacked when she went from bøsse in her own district in Paradise during the television campaign on October 21.

– The clock has just passed 16, so it was not dark outside. My husband and I entered the garden while we were talking and we were looking for doors that knocked. The dog must have heard us, because when we approached the stairs where it was set, it started to bark loud, "says Onarheim.

The dog was in the tire, but it was long enough to bend down the stairs where the pair stood.

– At first I thought he should jump in to say hello. But then I felt severe pain in my ankle.

– bleed heavily

Then the owner came running, says Onarheim.

– Everything went very fast. The dog ran around and grabbed my hip. The owner finally managed to get her out.

Onarheim began to bleed from the ankle wound.

"It was easier to bite your ankle than my big hip," he says.

Now, I feel only relieved that there was no small child who was attacked.

– Imagine that my husband and I had one of the grandchildren. Or if someone with small children has been assigned to this route, he speaks and sneaks.

After the incident, Onarheim received tetanus and penicillin. But it still works after a week.

On the way to a meeting on Saturday in the county of Høyres, he poured it and burned it in the wound. As an educated health worker, she realized she might have had too much swelling.

"I should have been a nurse as a nurse, although I did not have a fever." But then I showed the photo of the wound to a party colleague, our doctor in the health committee.

I lost a party member

The colleague almost ordered her to Volvat. And when the fever rose 39 degrees on Monday, Haukeland brought it.

Intravenous surgery and large doses of antibiotics have occurred because it is still there.

– Good dressing, compression and analgesic help every four hours helps, although sometimes there is a lot of pain and it seems to be "bites".

Then he thinks about the dog.

"I'm probably more skeptical about dogs than before, I think it's something that people recognize is that they're afraid dogs can bite.

Onarheim decided to report the incident, but the owner killed the dog the next morning.

– But not everyone thinks it was right to report. It was the person who later logged out from the right, he says.

– Because you notified the police about the owner of the dog?

– Yes, that was the reason.

He found resistant bacteria

On Thursday afternoon, she received responses to blood tests. The doctors found bacteria resistant to penicillin.

After being bitten, the mayor's wife, Høje, is a little more thoughtful if he dies from door to door and starts an election campaign.

"It's important for dog owners to make sure their neckties are long enough or that they register to have a mad dog.


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