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I met the wall: – I learned a lot

This fall you will see Halvor Bakke (49) on the popular TV3 program “Adventure Renovation”. The series became more popular than ever, and in the fall it set new audience records.

It awakens reactions after that

It awakens reactions after that

“It’s great that we can still excite and inspire people in season six,” says host Se og Hør.

Previously, he also appeared on TV shows such as “Homsepatruljen” and “Norway’s Ugliest Room”, making him a fan favorite.

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The host has been helping many Norwegians for many years by giving tips and advice on how to get a nice and nice house. He also designed the Signatur Collection for Bohus and is associated with Magnor Glassverk.

- I noticed that we need professional help

– I noticed that we need professional help

I met a wall

Despite the gurgling façade, things don’t always go smoothly – as with most people.

Bakke experienced this especially a year ago when he collapsed in his sister’s house. Then he met a wall. Se og Hør says things are going in the right direction again.

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I feel much better now, and I’ve learned a lot about the body, signals, and things like that to make sure it doesn’t happen again, she says and adds:

– Im alright.


This week the exuberant host turns 50 and considers it a great joy. He can see and hear that he is not particularly afraid of aging.

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In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

– I hope it’s a pretty age. I don’t really feel panic, just nice. I probably had the previous couple of years where I was thinking “now I’m halfway up” but the joy is being 50, he says and adds:

– I have a good life and health. Somehow I have progressive glasses, but otherwise it’s going pretty well, he says, laughing.

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The 50th anniversary was originally supposed to be celebrated with 110 guests at The Thief in Oslo, but was obviously canceled as a result of the new crowning measures. Therefore, he hopes that a great celebration could be held next summer.

In the meantime, he will eat a family dinner on Friday night.

- These are the worst internal mistakes of the Norwegians

– These are the worst internal mistakes of the Norwegians

– Outstanding!

It’s been four years since Bakke divorced her husband Ricard Fagerström. The breakup became known in 2016, when the former couple had been married for ten years.

– We part as good friends and wish each other the best for the future, Halvor said to Se og Hør.

When asked if he is single today, he laughs angrily:

– I’m special!

View the new luxury couples apartment

View the new luxury couples apartment

Bakke can reveal that he is still single and that he lives well with it.

– I haven’t met anyone new and I am very happy with it. But I feel like we humans are made to be two, so hopefully it could come up sometime – when it fits and happens, she says.

– Are you actively looking for love?

– No, I’m not good at this. It’s a bit difficult when you have a job that is also very visible, so it’s not always that easy. So no, I’m not actively looking, but I hope so – concludes the facilitator.

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