"It was incredibly strong and moving


Ann Kristin Schei and Jane Føllesdal were emotional when they were born after the premiere of "Heritage and the Environment" on Wednesday evening.


The staging of Vigdis Hjort's novel 'Heritage and the environment' made a strong impression on two friends.

"We almost cried during the game, it was incredibly strong and moving." There was something in the neighborhood in Kjersti Elvik told me who had hit me, says Schei.

None of them read the book when they came to the show.

Hjorth's novel from 2016 relates to the inheritance settlement, in which hereditary causes strong forces. Mysteries and memories of dark childhood are moving forward. The novel caused much discussion in literary Norway when it came out.

"I was taken to bed, I did not really know where I went, but it was a fantastic configuration," says Føllesdal.

There was only one actor on stage. Kjersti Elvik. The rest of the band was behind the stage with a few cameras directed at them.

– The fact that they switched between the stage and the screen had an incredibly good effect. He helped make the performance so unbelievably strong, and it's something innovative that I think will be more used, says Schei.

– A great performance

Anne Gran and Egil Hamre were also characterized by their layout.

"It suited this configuration very well, thanks to which it was very strong," says Gran.

He thinks it was a great Kjersti Elvik performance.

"We both read the book and it was like catching something on your lap. It was amazing," says Gran.

Sister Vigdis Hjort, Helga Hjort's novel "Fri Vilje", was not included in the performance.

"I thought it was nice that they took this one book, everyone has their own story and I do not think that you would work on both stories during the performance," says Hamre.

Helge Jordal also traveled to the premiere of Wednesday evening.

"I read the book and I do not know what to say. It was a good performance, but it's also our job," he says.

Krøll led to delays

The premiere of 'Heritage and the environment' should start at 20:00 on Wednesday evening, but technical problems have led to delays.

"I have never experienced this in my time," says information manager Ole Friele.

Big screen TV set. Elvik was the only actor who was visible on the stage during the entire performance. Eleven other actors in the band sat behind the curtain on the stage in a row. Seven cameras were directed against them and each time they received an answer, they were displayed on the screen in front of the audience.

It was very technical that it must have been in place before the game could begin. Initially, the efficiency should start at 20.00. Only 33 minutes overtime opened the door.

– Some of the large image layouts do not work. We also have seven direct cameras that will work, so there are a lot of technical devices that will be on site. Now the technicians are working fervently to achieve this, said information manager Ole Friele, one block after the performance should begin.

They both have a family drama as their specialty. Everyone in itself.


Kjersti Horn directed the game in DNS. An hour before the show began, she said she was excited.

"Now I embrace everyone and wish them luck," says Horn.

The theater director himself, Agnete Haaland, must play in a controversial theater

"It will be nice to sit in the corridor

She assessed that the game would be a strong experience for the public.

"It was not terrible to put up such a piece, but it's exciting." This is a great actor Kjersti Elvik is going to do, so all my nerves and tensions are with her, says Horn.

She waited impatiently for a seat in the hall and watching the play during the premiere.

"It's nice to sit in the corridor, I trust Kjersti a lot so far, we've done a really good job and it will be good to share it with the audience," says Horn.


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