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The Japanese authorities fear that the groundwaters will be washed away and the island with them, so the land will be a bit smaller.

Esambe Hanakita Kojima was not officially registered before the Coast Guard surveyed the island in 1987 and nobody can tell exactly how big the island is. But he's gone now.

The nearest resident is located on an island, 500 meters away, where Esambe Hanakita Kojima lay, but nobody brought the island, writes The Guardian.

The island was a 158 uninhabited island that was named in 2014. Measures taken by the Japanese authorities to clarify their territory and economic zone.

The Coast Guard does not rule out that the island is in the wind and plans an exploration action.

Keep your space

The disappearance is not completely meaningless. The disappearance of an island may affect Japanese territorial waters and sea borders. The country uses resources to protect remote islands, such as the Okinotorian Pacific, to secure its economic zones, writes AFP News Agency.

In Japan, China and South Korea are also neighbors when the region has many other islands.

Because of earthquakes and extreme weather conditions in Japan, it has lost or acquired the area several times. By 2015, about 300 meters long land strips rose from the sea on the shore of Hokkaido Island. In 2013, the country received a new volcanic island about 1000 km south of Tokyo.


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