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Katharina Andresen – billionaires heiress moves from Norway


Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen (24) is one of the richest in the country. When tax lists are issued within a few weeks, its wealth is expected to re-create headlines around the world.

As the daughters of the industrialist and financier Johan H. Andresen (58), she and her sister Alexandra Andresen (23) were listed with assets of NOK 6.8 billion, according to 2017 tax data.

In recent years, Katharina's older sister played a role in Father Ferd's company. Wealth has been gained in the tobacco industry, but is now managed by the aforementioned company. The 24-year-old also worked at Innovation Norway.

– INCREDIBLE: Katharina Andresen is considered one of the richest in Norway. At Skavlan in 2015, she talked about how she handled it in her childhood. Video: NRK
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New life

Despite what many already want to describe as an impressive career, she did not graduate. Now reveals that she decided to move from Norway to finally get a degree.

Andresen previously studied economics and administration at BI Norwegian Business School, but after some time he gave up. Now he is going to London to study global management at Regent & # 39; s. The school is in the center, just off Baker Street.

Here he will take a bachelor, and the start-up is probably already in January. According to the university's website, it costs around 90,000 crowns a year to study at a well-known school, which certainly has a problem paying for it.

This move reveals Andresen himself on his Instagram profile. The screenshot she shared states that the study started in both September and January, so it's obvious that she believes she will move to the capital of England for the first time in the New Year.

NEW COUNTRY: Katharina Andresen decided to move to London. Photo: Frédéric Boudin / Ferd
NEW COUNTRY: Katharina Andresen decided to move to London. Photo: Frédéric Boudin / Ferd
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The research website states that "you are evolving to become a leader in your chosen field, and you gain confidence and qualities that allow you to successfully lead teams and organizations around the world."

Andresen was recently at a party in London where Louis Vuitton opened a new flagship store. She captivated him with her Instagram photo this weekend.

"To party! I can't wait to move to London, ”she signed the photo. In other words, it seems that the removal plans are in the box for the 24-year-old.

Andresen did not respond to Dagbladet's inquiries. However, Skorpen Games in Ferd says Andresen "doesn't want to discuss this further now."

Open up for a fortune

Although Andresen is sometimes a billionaire, depending on the course, she decided to study. Earlier, she expressed the desire to enter the family business.

On last year's tax lists, she and her sister were in 3rd and 4th place above the richest in the country. Katharina Andresen was listed with an income of zero crowns, and her sister earned a modest 1746 crowns. Both taxed approximately NOK 58 million each.

Both sisters are active on Instagram and are happy to show the luxurious everyday life that their wealth has given them – which expensive real estate, bags and other luxury men on the street can only dream of.

However, no one should take them for not being honest about why they are powerful. About a year ago, Alexandra Andresen was in the headlines of several financial newspapers in this country, when she honestly replied to the follower, who wondered how she managed to get so rich every day.

"I should be honest; I didn't do shit. Everything is inherited. All "recognition" is due to my father and hardworking people in Ferd, "wrote Andresen, according to Dagens Næringsliv.

– Realize your curiosity

When Dagbladet met Katharina Andresen on the 40th anniversary of Se and Hör, she could say that she supported her sister's decision.

– I think that's very good. It is absolutely true what he says and I support what he does. I also had such questions on Instagram and I answer almost everything. When you reveal yourself like us, it's no wonder people ask questions. I understand very well that people are curious about our lives – he says.

Andresen's eldest sister was also open in this case. When she visited 'Skavlan' a few years ago, she praised her family for the empire they built. At the same time, she also said that many people misinterpret her fortune, believing that she has this amount in her account and therefore can throw money around her.

Despite being harassed in public, Dagbladet said that the family historically likes privacy.

– We focus on maintaining a low profile in the family. We've always done it, but of course it's okay that we sometimes take the blade out of our mouth if we feel like it, she said.

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