LILLESTRØM . Bodø / Glimt – Lillestrøm has eradicated the possibilities against Bodø / Glimt


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Marijuana is still in place after 1-1 in Åråsen.


ÅRÅSEN (Nettavisen): Lillestrøm: 27 points in qualification.

Bodø / Glimt: 29 points in twelfth place.

It was the starting point before the evening in Åråsen, and most expected a war of nerves – or maybe even shame – between the two candidates for the inheritance.

The loss would eventually be critical for both teams.

But the fireworks that were served at the beginning of the match on Monday night, Åråsen's audience is not spoiled. Before the game of a quarter, both teams shot again and again, and the hosts also had a ball on the post.

However, after the mad start of the match the chance was bigger and several goals were not on Åråsen. 1-1 and split points mean that Lillestrøm remains in 28 points, and Bodø / Glimt with two more points takes 11th place.

opening shock

Almost before the crowd had settled in their place, he narrowed him to Marko Maric in the Lillestrøm cage. Bodø / Glimt won the Lillestrøm duel 16 meters after the free-kick, which fell on the pitch and the ball fell to Kristian Fardal Opseth's legs.

Glimtsa's main scorer did not score from September 2, in 8 games since then, but the 28-year-old did not seem to sacrifice his thoughts when he hit the cross with a shameless Maric.

0-1 before she played three minutes, and Bodø / Glimt had a beginning they could only dream about.

But to say that it was quiet in Åråsen would be a direct lie. Instead, Lillestrom fans improved on the pitch, and the support from the stand seemed to inflame the hosts.

Well-deserved compensation

First, Frode Kippe was sent to a free kick, but an unintentional ending ended outside the outpost.

But after nine minutes it was a real jubilee among home fans. Fredrik Krogstad received a yellow card. In this way, Thomas Lehne Olsen could play him on the right before Martin Bjørnbak blocked Krogstad's closure.

However, Krogstad received the return before the ball exceeded the deadline, and Arnór Smárason was waiting in the field. Goalkeeper Ricardo Friedrich played, Smárason hit the ball between the legs of Glimt's defender and the teams were so close.

Lillestrøm continued to play and scored more corners in the next few minutes. One of them was walking in the middle of Bjørnbak and the police station, but Glimt escaped.

Then something strange happened.

Lillestrøm gave up the initiative, and Bodø / Glimt was suddenly the best band. Indreløger Vegard Leikvoll had a great opportunity when the ball fell into his legs when he stood all the way in the field, but the attempt to complete the volley was both above and above. The same man got a new similar opportunity a few minutes later, but this time LSK was blocked.

A controversial sentence

But it was Glimt who ruled, so. Sometimes there were small tendencies in Lillestrøm, and coach Jörgen Lennartsson certainly was not happy with the development of the match when he was preparing a breakthrough for his students.

But before that happened, Lillestrøm's players were angry at Judge Espen Eskås.

Just before the break, the hosts received a counter and stormed everything they had. Martin Bjørnbak used a corner kick when Fredrik Krogstad fired from the back, and Judge Eskås fouled immediately and gave Bjørnbak a yellow card. Max & # 39; Tor Ole Skullerud, an expert commentator, made a great effort when the referee took the lead from Lillestrøm to end the match

– No, no, no, do not blow, dear judge! You must allow Lillestrøm to get this transition before giving the yellow card! Skullerud exclaimed, and the main commentator Kenneth Fredheim added:

"It was an adventurous contradiction.

Lillestrom players apparently agreed because they were prowling around Eskås while the orchestra played loudly.

A great chance for Lehne Olsen

Two minutes after the break Thomas Lehne Olsen got a huge chance to lead the hosts to lead, when suddenly he was alone with goalkeeper Glimpta, Fryderyk. The striker tried to cross the goalkeeper, but Fryderyk managed to catch the ball and gave the shot.

A few minutes later Lehne Olsen got another shot, but again Friedrich was in his place – this time on a 12-point shot.

But as in the first case, Bodø / Glimt managed to tame Lillestrom's direct press. In addition, the guests were just as dangerous as the hosts, and also dominated in possession of the ball.

However, there were few goals and that's why everything is open before the last two rounds of the Elites series.

Lillestrøm left Strømsgodset and Kristiansund at home in the last two series. Bodø / Glimt left Vålerenga and Rosenborg before the season.

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