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Matthew Perry med “Friends” -stunt – VG

TV FACE: Matthew Perry, here at the awards gala in New York a few years ago. Photo: Brent N. Clarke / TT NEWS AGENCY

TV star Matthew Perry, 51, launches Friends-inspired clothing to raise money to fight the crown.

He says it himself in an Instagram post, where he poses in a T-shirt inspired by his own character from the hit series.

She is holding a banana in her hand, which should look like a phone.

In the text attached to the photo, Perry explains that he designed a limited clothing collection for the World Health Organization, WHO, and anti-coronavirus activities.

«I only sell this collection for two weeks“, He writes and jokingly adds that”the banana is not included».

People and other major American media are reporting the feat.

Several million clicked “Like” on the photo and several thousand commented it. The 51-year-old has garnered over 7.3 million followers since he appeared on Instagram in February this year.

Perry played the role of Chandler Bing in “Friends” or “Friends for Life” as it was called in Norwegian. Illustrations of clothes that he is now going to sell for a good cause, show Chandler Bing dancing.

The cult series ended in 2004 after ten years on the air, but still enjoys great popularity.

Mighty giants fought to secure their rights. In 2018, Netflix raised the net sum of NOK 850 million.

In February this year, WarnerMedia purchased the rights to Friends for over 700 million kronor a year – for five years – to show them on HBO Max.

In March of next year, Perry and the rest of his friends will also reappear on television during the HBO Max “Friends” reunion. The project was delayed due to the corona pandemic.

By the way, Perry during the day swims with the wind in his back. He recently proposed to his 29-year-old girlfriend Molly Hurwitz – and he agreed.

Otherwise, the star’s life offered both highs and lows after the “Friends” dot. In 2017, after just three seasons, CBS decided to drop the series “The Odd Couple,” in which Perry starred and produced.

Looking back: Matthew Perry talks about drug abuse

He switched to a decent health slam in 2018. The star, who struggled with addiction and was in rehab several times, developed a gastric ulcer that led to a three-month stay in the hospital.

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