Northern lights – Smoke development in airplanes


On Friday afternoon many blue lights were observed on the E6 at Råssvoll in Rana. Nordland Police Chief, Tommy Bech, executive director, said that airplanes were aware of smoke evolution.

UPDATED 16.52: The fire chief Frode Thomassen says they are heading everything.

"When we arrived, they released a disc and extinguished the fire extinguisher in the engine. He evacuated the machine and the fire was switched off. After the incident, they debut, but we left the space, "says Rana Blad, fire chief.

UPDATED 16.34: There was a smoke on the machine. Passengers are evacuated and nobody can be injured.


"The plane is on the ground, but the evolution of smoking has been reported on the aircraft, so there is a triple alarm. Soon we are on the scene, but at the moment there is no further information, "he says.

– Each participant is used by the airline. Dough leaves the place. The fire went out. The case is made, writes the police on Twitter.

The case is constantly updated.


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