On Wednesday, it was police in northern Norway


UP has finished the laser control on FV85 Kjerringnesdalen, Sortland, informs the police at 14.35. 5FF has the highest speed of 109 km / h in the 80th zone, states the Nordland police district.

Completed lash control Olav V gate / R80 in Bodø Wednesday. 4 FF – the highest speed of 67 km / h in zone 50.

The police graduated Proceedings in the Rana center, police report at 14.45. 3 FF for mobile use, informs the Nordland police district.

Mixed dog, yellow-brown color and described who was late for Holtvegen in Tromsø, informs the police at 14.22. The dog has a pink collar. Contact the police on 02800, if you look after the dog so that he can accept his owner, writes police district Troms.

Police in Lofoten and Vesterålen conducts an exercise in the center of Sortland, informs the police at 13.00 on Wednesday. The police will be armed. The internship will be announced, "police police Nordland said.

Police in Finnsnes conducted a check that focused on drug abuse and documents reported on Wednesday in 1310. 20 drivers were checked and everyone could go on, says Troms police district.

UP has control in the center of Tromsø to reveal the use of mobile cell phones while driving, a police disaster at 12.24 on Wednesday. Three drivers imposed a simplified notification of such use. Two of them sat and played Pokemon Go on their (e) cars while driving. One driver even had three phones in use, informs the police district of Troms.

UP has been completed laser check at Sørdalen in Vesterålen, informs the police at 12.50. 5FF has the highest speed of 99 km / h in the 80th zone, district police reports Nordland.

Smoke development notification from a private address in Ballangen, police report at 12.25. Emergency services on the way to the place. All units are on their way to the site, informs the Nordland police district. The fire is in place. I have to talk about dry cooking. There are no people in the apartment. The police have contact with residents, the police report at 12.35.

A message from NSB about the train, which rode 4-5 reins, at 10.23 th this Wednesday. NSB informed the reininger and Bane NOR about it, informs the Nordland police district.

Police in Bodø there will be an exercise in Rensåsparken and parts of the city center to around 1500 today, will be announced at 8.00. The police will be armed. The practice will be marked with signs, informs the Nordland police district.

We direct traffic in Vikaåsen in Rana after a traffic accident, police report Wednesday morning for the seventh time. The van left without any injuries. It is slippery in the Rana region, for police police reports of the Nordland District.

Found dog he was taken care of at Greenland Life in Harstad. The dog is small and has a combination of black, white and brown. Police were reported Tuesday evening.

In traffic control In Harstad on Tuesday evening, 37 drivers were checked. There was no police reaction.

police phones settled the case and initiated evidence in connection with the E6 at Fauske on Tuesday evening. The man in the 20's is accused of the case.

Many have been stolen without Alta police at the initial stage to determine how much. Last week, the cabin in the Himmel valley was burgled. There was also a burglary at the campsite parked in the cabin.

It worked on the police on Tuesday


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