Split points between Vålerenga and Sarpsborg 08


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In his opinion, it is natural that there is more enthusiasm in Østfold.


INTELLIGENT ARENA: (Nettavisen): None of the teams had anything but fees and fees for the place to play on Sunday evening. It was also a fight in the match. Despite some chances of winning the goal, there were huge periods of lack of creativity in the attack game and it had long seemed like a classic 0: 0 match. Both teams seemed to be happy sharing points. After seven tight losses, Sarpsborg 08 now has five points in the last three games.

Ashes: – No air in the Vålerenga balloon

Sarpsborg 08s Amin Asker admitted that the game was boring, but denies that players were already thinking about the next European league match against Malmö on Thursday.

He also believes that the mood was more than they used to own home games.

– Have your heads been in Malmo today?

"I think you think the match was a big move." After the match, we felt some pressure, but none of the teams had so many opportunities to play in. Today there were no big fireworks, says Amin Askar to Nettavisen after the match.

"Today's match did not matter much this season. Did you stay a little longer?

"We went to the track to win the course and the recipients also had an impact on us, I thought it was very dead here, you notice that you are in the outer area where there is no more air in the balloon during the first match when we met with Vålerenga there was a nice atmosphere, but now he is dead, Askar says to Nettavisen.

– Sarpsborg 08 fans were often more audible than Vålerenga-Klanen during the match. Is there more enthusiasm in Sarpsborg than in Oslo?

"We are part of the European League and we have a nice season, we have been breaking new barriers in a row for several years." Vålerenga disappointed this year and has been disappointed for several years now, they are on no man's land. Last year we won the medal, the 2015 Cup final and it was in the lead in 2016, so it's a big difference, "says Askar.

Sarpsborg 08 is best in the opening minutes

Sarpsborg 08 opened the match the best and stood on the first two goals of the evening. Ole Jørgen Halvorsen enters from the right side. The ball landed on Jon-Helge Ødegård Tveit, who tried from 21 meters. Vålerenga-keeper Adam Larsen Kwarasey had to give a corner.

Five minutes later Jørgen Horn tried his head in a good cross from Kristoffer Knudsen Larsen, but his head hit the goal 1 meter.

Teams changed to keep the ball, and not much later, before another chance at Sarpsborg after 27 minutes. Tobias Heintz played, with a high ball in the back. At a slightly oblique angle, it was shot through the finish line, which went straight to Larsen Kwarasey in the cage.

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Share: – There was no "harder"

It was above all the entertainment that the audience served. At least in the form of goal opportunities. Vålerenga coach Ronny Dela focused on defense before the match, informs the club's website. Ivan Näsberg was somewhat surprising, preferring Felipe Carvalho, alongside Jonathan Tollås Nation in the central defense of Vålereng.

Coach Vålerenga, Ronny Del, was happy with the defensive game after the match, but he wanted to drive the ball faster and faster passports.

"We lacked confidence in the future, it was a little late with the bullet, but there was a break after a while, says Ronny Share to Nettavisen after Sunday's match.

"This fight was not very exciting for those who went to the stadium …

"I understand that it was not a" rush ", but we wanted to be a solid and solid team on the defensive, we had to improve our defensive game, the last game is too bad," says Del.

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Bakke: – Experienced at the match in Malmö

Coach from Sarpsborg 08, Geir Bakke, was pleased to defend against Vålerenga, although he admits that the match does not match the history textbooks.

"This year we were trying to score, but we tried to have a good presence in every match." For a long time, we fought well with Vålerenga, although it was certainly not too fun, they are definitely healthy in front of the house, but they did not score in the first place – says Geir Bakke after the match with Nettavisen.

– What do you take from this fight and fight against Malmö until Thursday?

– Some solidity in the defense structure. In addition, I think that we are against the game of possession that Vålerenga often leads. We know that Malmö often trains, so we practiced practically today. At the same time, we need to get more hacks in Sweden. They are a much better team than Vålerenga, "says Bakke.

Sarpsborg 08 meets Malmö in the Europa League on Thursday, November 8.

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The second round started better

In addition to some nice moves from Chidera Ejuke, a small club in Oslo had to bid first. Teams switched to keep the ball, and Sarpsborg 08 stood for the little one who was in conflict.

The second round started at a slightly higher pace than initially, but we had to wait ten minutes before the first opportunity came. Bård Finne completed the first goal of Vålerengi in the match, with a shot at Sarpsborg 08. Now two great opportunities for Vålereng took place in eight minutes.

First Sam Adekugbe was his ball that joined Sam Johnson. Rounded the goalkeeper, but at a very sharp angle finish finished in the wall of the net. Then there was Bård Finne, who played for free in Chider Ejuke in the semiquaver, but the Nigerian managed too much and the shot hit the defender.

Then the other went into the same path as the first one. The two teams lay deep and defended well when they did not have the ball. It hampered the attacking team and the public, which counted on a little more good attack on football.

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Two good deals

In the last minutes of the match we got a good goalkeeper for each team. A quick post was made for Patrick Mortensen. He knocked high and directed the ball to the goal, but the ball was crossed by the goalkeeper. Then there was an almost identical chance on the other side of the course.

Magnus Lekven finished off with Sam Johnson, hit the bar and scored. At the end of the match, the crowd attacked and produced several half-shots and a seven-person crossing in four minutes. Jon-Helge Ødegård Tveita tried to repulse half of Vålereng's defense just before the end and almost succeeded.

His shot was blocked and disappeared in a new corner. After a few Hawaiian footballs back and forth, the referee settled the match.

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He won the tribunal's camp

Vålerenga Speaker reported about 7,718 tickets sold. It can be assumed that many of them stayed in the heat of the evening. Intility Arena so extremely shiny.

At the stand, fans of Sarpsborg 08 won the battle "Sarpsborg Ultras" with Vålerenga Klanen. Even ten times less at the stand, they maintained a consistent life throughout the entire game.

The first round was quite unpleasant, but the entertainment took the second round. Despite the greater chances of hitting, we experienced long periods without a creative splash in the attacking game of both teams. The closest goals were scored by Sam Johnson and Patrick Mortensen, each of whom had a good course of almost seven meters.

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