The man confirmed death after death in Steinkjer


The case is updated.

Police confirm that the man died in the 1950s as a result of a fire in the town hall in Steinkjer. It was the fire brigade crew that discovered the fire at 4:38 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Two people were smoking in the apartment. One of them is dead and the other goes to the hospital, says operations manager Bjørn Handegard in the police district in Trøndelag.

According to a press release from the Levanger Hospital, published in the 21st century, a 60-year-old woman suffered serious injuries.

Five residents are registered in the town hall. Photo: Leif Arne Holme

The perpetrator of the husband as the perpetrator is notified and it was decided that the autopsy will be performed.

Sent to the hospital

"There were divers who came into the apartment and found two people." They both left the apartment, but one was lifeless, Handegard says, it turns out that life will not save.

The fire gradually spread to the roof, and the extinguishing work became more difficult. The building consists of a restaurant on the first floor and three apartments on the second floor.

The prisoner leader Per Henrik Bykvist says that the woman was sent to the Levanger hospital after inhaling the smoke. She was in the same apartment as the man who had died.

"She was aware when she left the house," he said.

The prisoner leader Per Henrik Bykvist says that the woman was sent to the Levanger hospital. Photo: Leif Arne Holme

More residents in the town hall

Bykvist says that there is a difficult fire to extinguish because the roof is difficult.

On Wednesday evening, the crime technicians were sent to the scene, but they can not enter the building until it is safe.

A fire broke out on the second floor of the building. Several residents were evacuated in the nearby apartments.

Time-consuming firefighting work

Eventually the fire brigade in Steinkjer had to get help from her Levanger colleagues to quench the time-consuming fire.

Operational manager Solfrid Lægdheim at the Police District in Trøndelag emphasizes that there are at least four people who need to find another place to sleep for the night. These are people who live on the same floor, but not in the same apartment where the fire broke out.

Before 9:00 pm, the fire brigade informed that they had to work for a long time to control the fire in the roof structure. Half an hour later, the police announce that the fire service is starting to control the flames, but the fire will probably last all night.


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