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Unusual, wholesale | Seven years ago, Magnus Wanberg noticed something about his colleagues. Now his invention is appreciated all over the world.

Remarkable 2 was named one of the 100 best innovations of 2020. Today, the company is behind its exponential growth.

The award is the American news magazine Time Magazine.

Remarkable 2 is one of the products that have been recognized as the best productivity, with a total of 100 new innovations in all categories in 2020.

– It’s very funny, says Founder and CEO Magnus Wanberg (36) at Remarkable to Nettavisen.

In the video on the top of the case, you can see the Wanberg program and tell about the product.

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Focuses on productivity

Remarkable was launched in 2016. Three years earlier, Wanberg had come up with the idea of ​​the invention after seeing colleagues still prefer to write notes on paper despite having smartphones and laptops available.

They have since released two writing boards for notes and drawings – which should resemble plain paper. The second writing board, which is an improved version of the first, was launched in March this year. For this they received great recognition not only in Time. Large websites such as American The Verge, Gizmodo and Mashable or the British Techradar also praise the product, despite some reservations, especially related to the high price, which is on a par with the iPad.

Wanberg explains why he believes they have received recognition for product productivity.

“We’re trying to create paper inspired products, which gives people more focus and concentration – which in turn translates into productivity,” says Wanberg.

She explains that the product has all the benefits of paper, and the benefits of tablets – in a form where you can digitally share everything you do. But what they consider to be the disadvantages of ordinary tablets they have eliminated, such as applications and alerts from email and social media.

It is different from Apple

He believes their biggest competitor is pen and paper, and finds their writing board very different from Apple’s iPad.

– Ipad is a tablet computer with a backlit glass screen. We have a completely different surface that resembles paper, and functionally there are completely different worlds, ‘he explains.

“When you type on an iPad, it doesn’t make you think as good as writing on Remarkable,” he says.

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– How will you be able to compete with Apple and get the Norwegians to choose Remarkable?

– We do not offer anything that will trample Apple in the fingers. We do not see them as a competitor, but as an important partner. You can download our app from the App Store – all your Remarkable documents are there.

Losing Money – International Betting

In 2019, the company achieved operating revenues of NOK 368 million and profit before tax of minus NOK 31.2 million.

– Everything goes according to plan. We are investing and developing the company, and last year we collected over 100 million NOK from American investors, says Wanberg.

– So when are you going to make money?

– It’s not the most important thing now. Now, the most important thing is to learn more about your customers to create better products and build your business. The goal is to build a global technology company and then the money will come, he says.

It won’t say anything about how long they intend to bet before they start making money.

I have to hire new ones every week

Despite the losses last year, the company is investing heavily.

Their number increased from seven employees in 2016. To 130 employees in 2020. In 2021, they plan to employ one person per week.

– Well suited for this – if there is no more. We have to build a big camera to be able to reach other countries, says Wanberg.

It is important not only to reach people all over the world, but also to constantly develop products and hire enough employees from the technological side.

“It will be exciting to see what the future holds,” he says.

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On Tuesday, they opened their first pop-up store in central Oslo to give people the opportunity to try their product.

They want to reach more people and therefore see the benefits of having a physical store. Remarkable has also established a partnership with Elkjøp in the Scandinavian region.

However, it is uncertain how long they will have the pop-up store.


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