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Lima. – Diabetes is a metabolic disease whose main feature is high blood glucose persistently or chronically. In Peru, diabetes suffers around 2 million Peruvians and is known by the WHO as "one of the major killers in the world." This is due to the fact that every six seconds one person dies of diabetes, every three new cases are diagnosed and every 20 people suffer from amputation due to complications associated with this disease.

On November 14, the World Day of Diabetes is celebrated, and therefore, being close to this date, one should be aware of the danger of this pandemic. The situation in our country is quite worrying, because we currently have about 7% of the Peruvian population with diabetes and many of them do not know about it.

Most diabetic Peruvians are located on the coast, in cities such as Arequipa and Piura. In the Andean region and the jungle the index is lower due to work and food, on the coast there is an excess of food with fat and sugars, which facilitates the weight gain of people. It should be noted that if a person has parents or siblings who have diabetes, it is very likely that they also suffer from this disease. Patients with hypertension and smokers are also more at risk of diabetes.

With that in mind, Dr. William Vicente Taboada, a pathologist at Unilabs Laboratory, gives us some recommendations for the prevention of diabetes:

1. Increase physical activity: Research indicates that aerobic exercise and resistance training can help control diabetes. The greatest benefit can be achieved through an exercise program that combines both types of workouts.

2. Fiber consumption: The natural fiber is unique and can help: It reduces the risk of diabetes by improving control of blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of heart disease, stimulates weight loss, because it helps to feel satisfied.

3. Keep a healthy weight: obesity is associated with diabetes, so it is necessary to maintain a proper weight.

4. Periodic meter control: The control will help to detect and warn you if there are any changes in glucose.

«At the Unilabs Laboratory, we want to encourage prevention and early detection of diabetes. That is why we have a planned health campaign this Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24 at our headquarters of Jesus Maria. ", He entered the doctor.


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