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A ketone diet is dangerous to health: a dietitian

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The diet keto or ketogenny and intermittent post are ineffective and they represent health hazardsI assured dietician Raquel Valenzuela Argüelles.

According to Valenzuela Argüelles, this kind diet are hiperproteyczny and its basis is wear with protein in abundance something "similar to diets known years ago."

"In order for the body to be well nourished, energy needs to be met first, if not, it will use protein, but not only those that are consumed with food, but also those that are in the muscles, which is not appropriate, "he said.

What is the ketone diet?

The ketone diet or ketogenny is low carbohydrates, one of the substances needed by the body energy. He plan with feeding is mainly about consuming fat.

In an interview with UNAM Gazette. Raquel Valenzuela Argüelles highlighted it they don't promote this type of diet good habits with feeding are not permanent; In addition, they can promote weight loss, but fat is not lost.

"These types of diets do not promote good eating habits because they are not followed extended periods. It can lead to weight loss, but you do not lose fat, but fluids, muscle mass or lean tissue – he said.

What is intermittent fasting?

16 hours of fasting left, followed by eight hours of eating, What you meet is 24 hours a day. A periodic breakfast is presented as a "detoxification letter"; However, after giving in to stress, our body activates a defense mechanism.

Health consequences

diets ketogenny produce an effect similar to that experienced by people diabeteswell they lack glucose For moving cells.

"Because there is none carbohydratesthere is no glucose and it affects metabolism named ketosisthrough which the body produces acetone and its derivatives, "said Valenzuela.


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