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Alianza Lima and Universitario meet on Saturday, November 3, on another edition of Peruvian classics on Day 12 of Clausura 2018. The final match is played by Estadio Alejandro Villanueva and then LIVE ONLINE mark Purpose of Peru and incidents through

Alianza Lima vs. University [MINUTO A MINUTO]

relaxation: Alianza Lima 0-1 University

45 + 2 & # 39; Shoot after Mauricio Affonso (Alianza Lima). It's easy for the goalkeeper.

45 + 1 & # 39; YELLOW CARD: Alberto Quintero (University) was penalized for avoiding the counterattack against Alianza Lima.

45 & # 39; Jersson Vasquez Center and Light.

44 & # 39; Independent Duclos against Siucho in the middle of the court. Meter later, another miss the creams.

43 & # 39; Garro Center is penalized for firing offside. Again, it links the resources, but not too much energy. There is no danger.

42 UFFF! Cabezazo de Fuentes (Alianza Lima) and Patrick Zubczuk have a great reaction to avoid the goal of the equalizer.

41 & # 39; Garro misses Vásquez in the university campus.

40 & # 39; The undergraduate student closes the floor well.

39 & # 39; Jersson Vásquez is headquartered but is well cleansed.

38 & # 39; I miss the university.

37 & # 39; Páucar Error (University), which almost bought the game.

36 & # 39; Free to the Universitario in three quarters of the court. The highest creepy players will rise.

35 & # 39; Again the ball is not a target friend. There is no problem for the university.

34 & # 39; Corner kick for the team of Alianza Lima. So far it is not for use.

33 & # 39; Alianza Lima flips the ball in the middle of the court and tries to create a place and an attack.

32 & # 39; Germán Denis (University) is waiting in three quarters of the court. He did not have much to do with the ball.

31 & # 39; Rinaldo's strike moved to Aldo Corzo, but the referee did not listen.

30 & # 39; University student in his area, in the corner of the blue and white rhythm.

29 & # 39; Luis Ramírez (Alianza Lima) gets to the right but can not center.

28 & # 39; Departing from the Alianza Lima ball. It does not cause any danger.

27 & # 39; University student began to lose the good common game she tried.

26 UFFF! A simple game was played by the Emanuel Páucar (Universitario) team. Very close

25 & # 39; Siucho gets good progress on the right. Amaga and shoot, but no bow direction.

24 & # 39; Leaders led by Nicolas Córdova can not win dividends.

23 & # 39; Universitario is in danger when he loses the ball in his own playing field.

22 UFFF! After a good cross from the right, Alejandro Hohberg goes the right way, but the ball goes wide.

21 & # 39; Maxi Lemos headquarters and Hohberg try to tie his head, but the jump is not enough.

20 & # 39; Germán Denis (university) makes sense in his rivals field. The game stops.

19 & # 39; Lemos's passage to Luis Ramírez. He does not control perfection and shoots volleyball but the ball goes through the goal.

19 & # 39; Corner shot Alianza Lima. The center of Lemos is halfway and clear.

18 & # 39; Jersson Vásquez (university student) seems sensible. He has lost his or her band a few times.

17 & # 39; Lemos's length. Corzo does not want to complicate and throw it in the corner. It does not cause any danger.

16 & # 39; Center in Affonso's mind, but he can not join. Alianza Lima is in danger.

15 & # 39; Split game in the university area. Mauricio Affonso misses the goal but the referee does not want to miss that goal.

14 & # 39; Alejandro Hohberg's left side defense, but the defensive cream is no problem.

13 & # 39; Alejandro Hohberg commits a foul against Figuera. Free kick for Universitario.

12 & # 39; Alianza Lima does not clutch the rival team's output.

11 & # 39; Luis Ramírez (Alianza Lima) commits a foul against an opponent.

10 & # 39; Taco de Lemos for Garro. The side attempts to defeat Figuera to the edge of the area, but does not get it.

09 & # 39; After the ball was lifted in his head, Alejandro Hohberg hits the post, but he misses the goal by miles.

08 & # 39; Free kick for Universitario. Nuñez accuses himself of the distant station, but Butrón's fist is clear.

07 "YELLOW CARD: Luis Garro (Alianza Lima) commits a nasty foul on Alberto Quintero.

06 & # 39; Alberto Quintero (University) is a very good player from his field and tries to get into a passageway but does not reach a destination.

05 & # 39; The university plays from the middle of the field, it does not think about passing through the dangers.

04 & # 39; Alianza Lima exerts pressure on the road. They can not move on their side.

03 & # 39; UFFF! Arrival of a university student. Germán Denis shot in the box but in Butrón's pocket.

02 & # 39; Arrival of Alliance Lima. Go right, but you have no buyer.

01 & # 39; UNIVERSITY GOOOOOOOOOOOL! Alberto Quintero opens the scoring.

01 & # 39; Roll the ball at the Matute Stadium, both teams need victory.

Alliance alignments Lima vs. University:

Alianza Lima: Butrón, Garro, Godoy, Riojas, Duclos, Fuentes, Cruzado, Lemos, L. Ramírez, Hohberg, Affonso.

University: Zubczuk, Corzo, Velarde, Romero, Vásquez, Figuera, Páucar, Núñez, Quintero, Siucho and Denis.


Nicolas Córdova led the casino and almost escaped from its origins and comes with a stunning run because she does not know what she's missing for six days; Four consecutive victories to Sport Boys. Last Tuesday, Sporting Cristal scored a 2-1 goal Alberto Quintero and Germán Denis, who scored 5 goals closing.

However, "creams" will face the classics in the defensive zone. And the fact that the Chilean coach has lost some middle backs: Alberto Rodriguez and Werner Schuler. "Mudo" was injured before the "Rimenses" and it was confirmed that the Achilles heel had broken; while the second still does not win the right leg of the break.

Córdova; For its part, it remains solid Zubczuk in the arc, and will do it Velarde and Benincasa like the defenders trying to stop the Alliance's attack. Archimedes Figuera He went back to training and was almost as good as new, but he probably did not risk it; so they start second time and the owners Páucar and Romero will be the wheel.

The Blanquiazul team is also at a great moment and they win two victories each other; before UTC and Cantolao. At 2-0, with the "delphine" Alejandro Hohberg returned to the finish line and wants to continue the networks. To do so, we must add that the image of La Victoria has no loss because Mauricio Affonso has been fully recovered.

The students of Pablo Bengoechea are fifth in the competition, with 17 points, one place lower than U and have far-reaching chances for the first. but covenant They have a great chance of participating in the playoffs, but for this reason you have to wait for the FBC Melgar Clausura champion and Cristal accumulated, where are third parties.


Alianza Lima: Butron; Garro, Godoy, Riojas, Duclos; Cruzado, Lemos, Luis Ramírez; Quevedo, Hohberg and Affonso.

University: Zubczuk; Corzo, Velarde, Benincasa, Vásquez; Romero, Páucar, Siucho, Lavandeira; Quintero and Germán Denis.


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Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 9 am
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: 10.00.
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