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Expired medicines can be found at Goyeneche Hospital and Arequipa Caylloma Health Network Messages

19:06 | Arequipa, set. 25

Expired drugs and surgical instruments, as well as medical instruments in a state of ruin, were found during operations carried out yesterday in warehouses at the hospital in Goyeneche and Arequipa Caylloma Health Network.

During the action, led by Regional Health Manager Carlos Cuya Mamani, with the participation of the Prosecutor for Crime Prevention, Esther de Amat de Loza, Inspector General of the Republic and National Police, more 10 tons of surgical equipment and expired drugs were found at the hospital in Goyeneche, probably over 7 years ago.

It was possible to check the abandonment of wheelchairs, stretchers, gloves, cotton, alcohol and medicines that were not handed over to the services of the said hospital in due time.

The director of the hospital in Goyeneche, Christian Nova Palomino, managed the previous boards responsible for the poor conditions of the materials and instruments found.

On the other hand, food in Arequipa Caylloma's health network was also found near cleaners, damaged blankets, expired medicines, and clutter.

Arequipa regional governor Walter Gutiérrez Cueva said these operations were already planned with the regional health manager and regional governor's approval because the goal was to remove corruption and that there was much more to transport in hospitals, he noted.

"This verified reality should be eliminated because we cannot let the population think that regional and central authorities are not allocating the necessary money to buy medicines," he said.

He added that since these irregularities were discovered during the operation, he would proceed to draw up an appropriate report to immediately request the suspension of some directors.

The deputy governor mentioned that the Arequipa Caylloma healthcare network has a larger budget and they sadly noticed that they were asking to buy equipment when its quantity deteriorated.

Therefore, he announced that he would ask for the immediate withdrawal of the Executive Director of the said network, Dember Francisco Muñoz Lozada. "I already asked for it and did not want to listen. I would like to retire again and hope that with all irregularities detected I will only ask for a change – he said.

Similarly, he said that as the days and inspection visits go to various health networks, they will certainly find some surprises. "The new staff condemns the irregularities detected," he said.

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