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For the time being this year, initial offers of cryptocurrency have raised USD 22,000,000, or half of that, depending on where you look.

As the cryptocurrency market fell by about 80% in relation to the peak value, the fundamental question is how much the boom in the initial offers of currencies improved (ICO, after the acronym abbreviation in English). The answer is complicated, because even the most frequently used websites that follow this phenomenon can not come to an agreement.

Blockchain can be classified as an unchanging public book, but in the controversial world of cryptocurrencies that it has created, determining the truth can be complicated because the disclosure guidelines are constantly improvised on a daily basis. In the case of ICO, it is still difficult to determine the amount of funds that the issuer claims to have collected because no one has to submit any regulated document or disclose his identity.

"Ultimately, there is no way to reconcile information based on proven facts," said Alex Buelau, co-founder of CoinSchedule, an exchange based in Oxford, UK. "Everything has already begun, the question is: how can the sector encourage those people to report accurate data? There is no incentive right now."

Most data trackers who make money by charging tokens sellers for quotes or other services are that the issuers get information about ICO.

An example is Ruby-X, a cryptocurrency stock market project. CoinSchedule says it raised $ 1.2 billion; ICORating, 200 million USD; Autonomous Research says it chose to exclude it because its online trail is not credible. Ruby-X, who did not reveal where their headquarters are located, did not respond to e-mails asking for a comment.

OIC of Venezuela
Or consider a more extreme example: the Venezuelan ruler, Petro. In March, President Nicolás Maduro said he received $ 5 billion in offers; in April, he said the sale was $ 3,300 million; the cryptocurrency site says $ 735 million, which is the number quoted by CoinSchedule and ICORating.

Even with the best intentions, collecting basic tokens sales data can be a challenge. ICORatings combines information from issuers, investors and the blockchain itself. Elementus, a new startup, keeps track of blockchain data and complements it with data it considers credible.

Saying the truth about cryptocurrencies is important because today they are debating their future when speculative madness is disappearing.

After the Autonomy published a report showing that the ICO fell by 90% since they hit their monthly peak in September, she was criticized that she actually claimed more than $ 1 billion was raised this month, instead of 300 million dollars, which I mentioned earlier.

"There is always a small difference, but when everything went up, it did not matter how marginal," said Lex Sokolin, global head of financial strategy at Autonomous. "Now that everything adjusts, people want to tell different stories."


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