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London. The Metropolitan Police London (Met) filed a lawsuit against the alleged offenses of anti-Semitism in the Labor Party, the first formation of the British opposition.

The investigation – he added – the source, received by the Commissioner for Met, Cressida Dick, after interviewing the radio, allegations of hate crimes, more precisely the documentation on anti-Semitism.

"On Tuesday, September 4, the Met Commissioner received the papers at Leicester Square (a London), "says Scotland Yard's statement.

"The content was evaluated by special agents and investigations began on some statements in the documentation," says the press release.

The police – who received the LBC radio file – added that they would ask the British prosecutor's advice and that the deputies did not comment on the ongoing investigation.

Cressida Dick today told the BBC that Met "does not investigate" the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn's left but the condemned material.

Local media reported that the London-based LBC radio station received a labor internal dossier which was passed to Dick, in 45 of which detailed anti-Semitic messages sent by members of the social media academy.

This radio first showed the material to a former police officer who thought there were cases that police had to report to investigate.

The Labor spokesman said that the police did not contact the opposition training, but was willing to cooperate in this investigation.

"The Workers' Party has a strong system of complaint complaints against the Labor Code," he added.

"If someone feels he was a victim of a crime, he must report to the police," he added.

Last year, in the United Kingdom, Jewish groups were strongly criticized for some of the partners' anti-Semitic remarks.

A few months ago, the press reported that members of the party were members of those groups that had anti-Semitic comments on Facebook's social network.

These groups, according to the press, repeatedly attacked the Jews, including the denial of the Holocaust.

Corbyn, a Palestinian lawyer, apologized for the pain caused by the anti-Semitism party in recent months.

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