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Popular Force Yeni Vilcatoma: Comptroller will examine irregular contracts with her husband Policy

Controller Nelson Shack announced on Wednesday that General Inspector of the Republic will examine irregular contracts of Congresswoman's husband Fuerza Popular Yeni Vilcatoma, Manuel Elera Moquillaza, who provided services to state institutions in the amount of 80 thousand soles, although it was prohibited.

On Tuesday, Latina's report revealed that Yeni Vilcatoma's husband had hired both Controller like in case of Municipality of Lima as an "expert on legal issues" from 2017 to July this year.

You can see Yeni Vilcatoma's husband entered into an irregular contract with the state for 80,000 soles

From May to October 2017. Manuel Elera Moquillaza signed contracts with Comptroller for more than 39,000 soles.

Earlier husband fujimorista was an NCO of an officer National Police who, three months after graduation, submitted an application for dismissal in May 2017, in the same month he was employed as an "expert in legal matters" in the first contract with 5000 soles Controller.

Then in June this year Manuel Elera Moquillaza signed another contract with Controller for the amount of 4,833.33 soles, while in July and August the contracts were 5,000 and 9,500 soles.

In October, the last contract between my husband Yeni Vilcatoma and Comptroller for 15,000 soles.

You can see Vilcatoma confirms that disclosing her husband's contracts with the state is "stalking"

After becoming aware of these irregular facts, the data controller Hut announced that it had organized appropriate investigations.

"Indeed, this woman's current husband Yeni Vilcatoma would conclude a contract with the state for the sum of 80,000 soles in various public entities, including in General Inspector of the Republic, essentially in the first half of 2017. In the next few weeks we will have the first results, "said the auditor Nelson Shack in dialogue with success.

Hut He said the results of the investigation would be ready within two months and that if the Congresswoman was responsible Yeni Vilcatoma, the case would have to be considered by parliament.

In addition to hiring in Controller, husband Yeni Vilcatoma He also served in the municipality of Lima, where he made a statement in which he claimed that he could conclude a contract with the state.

The municipality, having learned about the situation of her husband fujimorista, break the contractual ties with it. On the part of Congresswoman Yeni Vilcatoma, in confrontation with the journalistic revelation, she only said that it was supposedchase"Arranged by the government.

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