Produce suggests that fishing rights be raised from $ 3.7 to $ 18.9 per tonne


The ministry of production announced on Thursday its ministerial draft resolution proposing an amendment to the payment of fishing rights for anchovy.

This concept, which industry fleets need to pay for resources, today is 0.25% of the export value of fishmeal per tonne.

The ministry proposal suggests two types of right. If total annual anchovy landings are less than 3.4 million tonnes, 0.27% of the export of fishmeal per tonne of tuna per tonne is to be paid.

Likewise, if landings exceed 3.4 million tonnes per year, 1.26% of the export value of the tonne of fish shall be paid for each tonne.

The project estimates that the tons are worth $ 1,500.

Taking this figure as a reference, fishing rights rise from $ 3.75 to $ 18.9 / tonne.

The highest regulation will come into force on 1 January 2019 after its approval. At present, the draft resolution is published on the Ministry's website and is awaiting comments from interested parties.


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