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Spain will meet with Croatia on the next Thursday in search of its transition to the last phase UEFA League of NationsThe match will start at 14:45. (Peruvian time) and will be broadcast live by DirecTV Sports, You can also track all incidents ONLINE by



75 & # 39; CROATIA WAS SAVED! Alvaro Morata could not define the long ball that was sent to him, in the line Vida was a savior.

75 & # 39; Change in Spain: Saul is removed, Suso enters.

74 "Change in Croatia: Rebic is removed, enter Brekalo.

73 & # 39; ON LOST IT REBIC! With the game itself, he loses to David De Gea.

71 & # 39; Spain now sets out to look for results and can leave fields in defense.

CROATIA GOOOA Great move Luka Modric in the corner, which focused on the head of Jedvaj.

66 & # 39; Asensio appeared in this area, hit a second, but rebounded on Lovren.

64 "Changes in Spain: Enter Marco Asensio and Alvaro Morata, Rodrigo and Iago Aspas for retirement.

62 & # 39; Good game from the right Sergi Roberto, who threw the middle, goalkeeper Kalinic jumped back and Iago Aspas sent him to the bar.

59 & # 39; Perisica's great game ended with the Sergio Ramos service.

57 & # 39; Isco Alarcón was encouraged with in-depth passages, looking for Jordi Alba.

GOOOOOOOOOOL SPAIN! Dani Ceballos answered automatically, Isco held the ball and let Real Madrid's midfielder fly. Rapid came to a draw.

CROATIA GOOOA The great definition of Kramarica, which used the gift of Sergio Ramos, Perisic interrupted Spain's exit, and the Hoffenheim front set the first.

51 & # 39; No Luka Modric against Dani Ceballos, he suffered a blow that he received in the previous game.

49 & # 39; An in-depth pass from Sergi Roberto, Rodrigo Moreno did not play and the Croatian goalkeeper took the ball.

48 & # 39; In the past, the center of Jordi Alba, Kalinic leaves well to cut the Spanish parcel.

46 & # 39; Luka Modric moves through the front of the attack in Croatia, is the most offensive player in the area.

The SECOND TIME has begun!


44 & # 39; He expects too many Spaniards to end the game, but Sergio Ramos is always encouraged to play long and divide the ball.

43 & # 39; A good shot of Saul after the shot with two goals, he scored wide.

41 & # 39; Rodrigo Moreno goes aside to receive Ceballos's pass, wins, and Spain has a long ball.

39 & # 39; Good move by Modric from Šime Vrsaljko, but it ends with promotion.

38 & # 39; Against Rakitic, Sergi Roberto came out strong with his leg raised.

35 & # 39; The picture of Spain is a bit more encouraging, with Ceballos and Iago Aspas.

33 & # 39; Spain does not find a solution with Isco Alarcón, it costs it quickly and does not reach the divided ones.

30 & # 39; The Croatian central defender was wrong and Iago Aspas was bitterly disappointed that the ball did not reach him.

28 & # 39; Dani Ceballos tries to cross from the left, but the ball does not hit the goal and tries to make the attack by the referee.

25 & # 39; With small attempts in Spain it costs football generation. Croatia remains passive.

23 & # 39; Rakitic plays virtually like a defensive midfielder, delaying up to the height of the defenders. I work very differently from what he does in Barcelona.

20 & # 39; It's still a duel in the middle of the field. against Spain, because Croatia is very good at personal fights.

17 & # 39; Great Perisica game on the left, set his game on the middle, and Modric with the center almost means first.

16 & # 39; Isco Alarcón drops from OFF SIDE, due to slowness and little importance in the game.

14 & # 39; A clean exit from Croatia, and Spain remains hidden in the defense phase.

12 & # 39; Croatia is waiting hard in their area and the teams are completely explosive.

10 & # 39; On the left, Luis Enrique, Jordi Alba and his speed options.

9 & # 39; Faust Lovrena against Iago Aspas, a sharp attack from Liverpool midfielder.

7 & # 39; Spain with long appearances is looking for Asensio and Iago Aspas.

6 & # 39; The central defense of Spain consists of two players Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos and Nacho Fernández.

3 & # 39; Croatia is looking for a counterattack, Spain's pressure is not working.

1 & # 39; The first long ball of Sergio Ramos, lost in the defense of Croatia.


Confirmed trains Spain vs Croatia

Spain: De Gea; Sergi Roberto, Ramos, Inigo, Alba; Saul, Busquets, Ceballos; Rodrigo, Isco; Aspas.

Croatia: Kalinic, Vrsaljko, Lovren, Life, Jedvaj, Brozovic, Modric, Rakitic, Rebic, Perisic and Kramaric.

Previous Spain vs Croatia

The team from the Balkans want to repeat the "shield", defeating the local team, as it was in the first game, in Elche: 6: 0 in favor of "La Roja". While the "checkerboard" field is determined to enforce the home, to get revenge for the last fight between them and stay alive in the tournament.

In a simple question in the Balkan store: win to ensure the transition to the final stage and do not depend on the result of England – Croatia, in the merger that will take place on November 18. For this reason, DT Luis Enrique will put his best eleven on victory in Zagreb.

The Spanish strategist will issue two "9" from his hand: Álvaro Morata and Rodrigo. The latter mentioned shooting 19 goals in 44 games in the last season and thanks to that he was considered an irremovable part of the tactical scheme "Lucho".

On the other hand, the Croats will try to get rid of the spine after they were humiliated in the first match in Elche, with a score of 6-0. The last September 11 was a black date for the "chessboard" draw, so that goalkeeper Kalinić scored a suicide goal.

DT Dalic nothing will be saved and He will send all his animals: Modric, Rakitic, Brozovic; Perisic and Kramaric. The only loss that the local team presents is the lack of Mario Mandzukica, who was not called for a double FIFA date due to injury.

Both sets have different realities, but the same goal: to win. All incidents you can follow on

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Spain: From Gea; Azpilicueta, Ramos, Diego Llorente, J. Alba; Busquets, Rodrigo, Saul; Isco, Asensio and Morata.

Croatia: Kalinic; Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Milic; Modric, Rakitic, Brozovic; Perisic, Rebic and Kramaric


Peru: 2:45 pm
Mexico (downtown): 1:45 pm
Mexico (Pacific, Sonora): 12:45 pm
Mexico (northwest): 11:00 in the morning
Costa Rica: 1:45 pm
Ecuador: 2:45 pm
United States (Los Angeles): 12:45 pm
United States (Texas): 2:45 pm
United States (Miami): 3:45 pm
Colombia: 2:45 pm
Argentina: 4:45 pm
Spain: 8:45 pm
Uruguay: 16:45
Paraguay: 4:45 pm
Chile: 2:45 pm
Brazil: 5:45 pm
Bolivia: 3:45 pm
Venezuela: 3:45 pm
Canada: 3:45 pm
Guatemala: 1:45 pm
Honduras: 1:45 pm
Italy: 8:45 pm
France: 8:45 pm
Germany: 8:45 pm
England: 8:45 pm


On the Internet will broadcast from minute to minute all incidents from the match between Spain and Croatia. Also, at the end of the match you can see a summary.


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