Steal medical equipment from the High Complexity Hospital in La Esperanza


Medical equipment valued in 60,000 soles have been systematically stolen from the hospital of high complexity Virgen de la Puerta de EsSalud, located in the district of La Esperanza, in the province of Trujillo.

Thefts were caught in security cameras and the police will even investigate that vigilant who work in the unit, as well as those who were recently dismissed, said the head of the Investigative Department for the Improvement of Justice, Colonel PNP Walter Palomino Simon.

A specialized team

The police warned that criminals would integrate team dealing with equipment theft in clinics and hospitalsEven Colonel Palomino explained that the agents of his office were devoted to watching films about the theft produced in Lima, Chimbote and Chiclayo to detect if these are the same criminals.

He added that after catching some of Chiclayo's attackers, he learned that the equipment was sold in black market of Ecuadorso it does not exclude that they have the same destination.


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