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Sunedu licenses Pastor Santana asked for 5,000 soles to give ghost degrees to students VIDEO Society


A group of people filed a complaint against Nicanor Alberto Santana Leyva, leader of the Upper Room of the Church, because he apparently has them cheated with the sale of degrees which are not recognized by National supervision of higher education (Sunedu).

The World University of Divine Rights "Army of the Living God" It was founded in 2013 and has since been active on the fourth floor Church The Upper Room, where classes were held for those who wanted to train Theology.

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José Luna Olaya, one of the applicants, claims that the alleged house of studies offered a career of three years to obtain a bachelor's degree. Each month, 200 soles were to be paid, and the Cenacle's pastors received classes.

This degree was to have international value in 120 countries because they had a contract with CELA University International in the United States. It will later be discovered, however, that this university was also not accredited by the US government.

Not only that, but they also had to purchase the books he himself wrote in the bookstores of the same church Pastor Santanathat fluctuated in prices that could reach up to 45 soles each.

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As if that was not enough, students had to buy a uniform Universitywhich consisted of a red jacket with black pants, a red tie and a white shirt.

As for this serious accusation, Sunedu it has been clarified that any activity carried out by the university or any other for which it is carried out is incorrect licensing.

"(Degrees) are not valid because (university) is not an institution that has any authority in the Peruvian state by previous or current authorities," he explained Daniel Navarro, director of Sunedu degrees and titlesto the program From Sunday to day.

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According to the said Sunday "Army of the Living God" university sent your request to licensing, but it was refused in 2018. Despite this, it continues to offer courses through social networks from that day.

Complaint on Alberto Santana and his daughter is for the alleged crime of fraud and forgery of documents in front of the National Police Fraud Department of Peru (PNP), which is waiting for a new extension of the fiscal investigation of the fourth office of the Prosecutor General's office in Lima North, responsible for the case. The victims demand a return of the investment within three years of registration.

This program tried to communicate with Pastor Alberto Santana and his daughter, but the wife of the first, Sonia Carbajal, said that both the damned would not make statements to the press, although he tried to defend them by claiming that World University of Divine Rights "Army of the Living God" it was an internal bible school The Upper Room church.

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