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Xhelper: Cyber ​​security specialists have discovered a Trojan that has affected approximately 45,000 Android devices

Currently, one of the most important elements of life in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship digital environment is security, however, danger malicious codes They are always latent. The latest case of a serious infection caused by malicious software this is the one the users of smartphones with the operating system suffer from Android.

The name with which this type of intrusion Trojans is Xhelperwhich caused alarms among specialists in this field because it is a problem did not develop in huge numbers smartphones, is worrying about this resistance and Fr. difficulty of elimination.

In addition, another important point in its operation are sophisticated because it has the ability to install it yourself on smart devices. It was discovered by a cyber security company Symantec and in last six months hurt over 45,000 mobile phones in the world, many of them in United States, Russia and India. He was infected last month 2400 smartphones, that is, on average 131 a day.

su no origin can be foundbut the company pointed out that modified application installationwhich are downloaded by the user via unknown sources. According to Malwarebytes, another company specializing in the same topics, its origin can be found in game pages that encourage internet users to application download from unbelievable sources.

Once installed on your device, these are steps that you can take without being noticed by the user download another malicious code from which data can be stolen or display ads and from the first start is registered as foreground process, which means, that it cannot be closed even if the person has not enough memory available on your device, and if it stops, it can do so run again or reinstall after removal.

You may think that this would be an alternative to this problem uninstall the application or reset the device to factory settings, but it also did not work, specialists said. The only way to get rid of it malicious software is to do clean phone in his wholeHowever, this requires possession ingrained otherwise the device it will not be possible to eliminate the intrusion.

This should be clarified root This is the process from which modify the operating system devices in order have complete control over him and overcome every kind limit which the producer placed. It is even possible extend its functionality. As for why Xhelper is resistant to factory reset no explanation has been given yet, so he should wait until antivirus program be able to get rid of him.

However, cyber security companies have noticed evolution of this malicious code made additions. In fact, in the latest changes they noticed, references were found to Jio, the The largest 4G network in India, which according to Symantec, may indicate a possible attack for users of this network.

So far, the argument for reassuring people using the operating system Android it's malware It is not hosted on any Play Store applicationso if people download all their apps from official Google storeshould not have problems with this Trojan.

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