World-renowned Harlem Globetrotters dropped by the Warriors to teach Steph Curry and Quinn Cook three-way tangles and 4-point shots.

With the number of points scored, fast movement and 3s flying from anywhere on the pitch, maybe no one is better prepared to take advantage of the new era of NBA's long range than the man who helped her introduce.

The Golden State Warriors Steph Curry star gave us insight into where the league faced in 2012-13, when he set a record for one season with 272 three-point. Three years later he bet on the greatest shooter in history when he made a wonderful 402 3s.

Curry has a record again this season. Over the course of 10 games, MVP, who played twice, made 59 3s, which gave him a pace up to a stunning 484. Interesting statistics Curry & # 39; ego now have NBA observers who are considering a number that was unthinkable yet a few years ago: could he hit 500? 3-pointers?

"I always said I wanted to keep trying to improve my shooting and increase my efficiency," Curry he said last week after winning the New Orleans Pelicans. "Of course, a good start, but I had to support it and stick to the program of what I did."


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Curry has actually improved its efficiency, and now, in its 10th season, is the main reason why it is at a record pace.

Already in career 47.7% of the shooter and 43.6% of the 3-point range entering the season, Curry reaches 53.9% of the total value, and 50.9% from the deep 10 games. His effective participation in shooting, which ensures that three years are worth more, is a career – high 68.2%. His true participation in shooting, a measure of effectiveness that includes all shots, is a 71.5-percent increase in his career.

Perhaps the most impressive is that the 3-point Curry & # 39; growth this season has not come at the expense of the usual war game plan. His utilization rate is slightly higher than his percentage in his career, but in line with the last three seasons. Curry has 11.6 3s on match and has 56.3% of his shots from a distance, but these are also comparable to the last three years.

So 500 3-points is really an option? It seems unlikely that even such a great shooter as Curry will be able to earn more than half his 3s, especially when trying such a large volume. However, it seems reckless to completely exclude it.

The warriors admitted in recent years that they sometimes struggle with motivation during the regular season. If Curry can raise his 3-point foot to get closer to 60% and continue shooting around 50% of these shots, the concept of 500 can start to look real. In that case, Curry has to shoot a nice, round, historic issue.

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