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According to Genalyn Kabiling

As the drug threat is considered a national security threat "number one," President Duterte is preparing to mobilize government assets, including the army, to block the flow of illegal drugs in the country.


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

The president said he was ready to "go to extremes" to stop the drug problem, because he exposed plans to activate the national task force to fight illegal drug trafficking.

"I will circulate a memorandum circulating the whole government machine to mobilize its assets and take an active part in a government drug-related drug campaign across the country," said Duterte at the Malacañang cabinet meeting.

"What we have is a step forward to eradicate illegal drug trafficking, to activate the national drug group," he added.

He said the task force would consist of staff assets of the Philippine National Police, the armed forces of the Philippines, customs offices, coast guards and other government agencies. "He can provide the necessary staff complement to execute the presidential directive to the customs office to block the flow of illegal drugs in this country," he added.

The president admitted that illegal drugs have created "aberration" in this country because he again threatened to kill those who are destroying the country.

"The threat of drugs is the most important threat to national security," he said, admitting that shabu had entered the country "almost every day."

"Combining drugs not only with a significant impact on the growth of criminal crimes, but also has a negative impact on the economy and the role it plays in the corruption of our collections, even in our law enforcement agencies," he added.

Duterte said the government can not wait for drugs, "like America," where the drug threat has become "almost pandemic."

"But you know that we can not catch up with America if we have to set a standard for human dignity, human rights." Alam mo bakit? Wala tayong pera. We do not have such sophisticated mga machines, "he added.

The chairman issued comments after defending the decision authorizing the presence of the military in the Customs Office (BoC) in order to fight corruption and drug trafficking and other smuggling.

He said that only "a few technical people from the Philippine Armed Forces" would be asked to help in the customs office "just make sure everything was done properly".

Several legislators and interested sectors have previously criticized the planned military takeover of BoC, saying that such a move was unconstitutional.

"It will be a military takeover of the government, because in the meantime, ang ilagay ko," Yu's boss is – he will be another military man. Until I am satisfied with the law and order in this area, the presence of armed forces in the Philippines will be there, "he said.

Duterte also explained that he did not order the appointment or designation of military personnel for BoC staff positions.

"Sabi nila violates the constitution, and the operating words are prohibited from being appointed or appointed." When I called on the army to help the Customs Office, there was no appointment, no appointment and no instructions to take over the employee's functions, "he said.

He explained that he simply placed 'heads of offices and heads of section' on a free status, while their assistants would do the job.

"Militarization of Anong? Takot naman … Bakit matakot? Since the army has been abusive here in this country during my term? Since when do I disagree with any wrongdoing of any military? Tell me – he said.

Duterte had previously appointed former military general Reya Guerrero as the new customs chief, replacing Isidro Lapeña after the massive supply of shabu had allegedly been smuggled into the country. He later ordered a military takeover of morals in order to clean up the agency's corruption.

In the meantime, the President has renewed his resolve to protect and protect the nation from drug threats, saying he would rather give up than let the country go to the dogs.

"I'm determined, I'm ready to do anything, whatever it is, mahinto lang ito. I'll go to extremes," he said.

"Do not destroy my country, I will kill you, do not destroy our young daughters and sons because I will kill you," he said.


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