KJ Apa Riverdale & # 39; s Trolls up after sharing an Adorable School Portrait


KJ Apa

You can always count on your companions to call you.

Riverdale star KJ Apa he became the theme of his favorite punkline stars after he shared a charming school portrait of himself as a child. Check out the matching jacket and tie!

However, it was the gap between his two front teeth that caused some of his colleagues to speak. "You look like you're eating ice cream first" Cole Sprouse I was joking in the comments section on Instagram. Brother Dylan Sprouse he added: "Shoulda kept his teeth."

Mark Consuelos he interjected, writing: "#FreeKJ."

Apa took a mocking step and had some fun. On the red carpet, which the actor placed on his profile, he edited his present smile and replaced it with OG teeth.

"@dylansprouse hey ur right," he joked, replying to the actor's comment on the behavior of old teeth.

"I'm amazed at how quickly you pushed this edition," Dylan said.

"It was not easy on my phone either," Apa replied.

However, the actor's fun at his own expense was not finished. In the third shot, he changed his old school hairstyle to the current red carpet. "FFS is getting out of control" – he wrote.

As Cole added: "Haters will say it's photoshop."

Hey, KJ – thank you for the afternoon laughter.


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