Palma rejects Duterte's sacking of saints, souls as yabags


CEBU's Palace, Jose Palma Yabagot (as a melody), was written by President Rodrigo Duterte, who is the last mockery of the All Souls Day and the Catholic Day of the Holy Days, especially the Saints' conviction.

On a Friday in an interview, the 68-year-old prelate said that President Duterte, though the country's strongest man, is not in a position to interpret doctrines based on his own convictions or emotions.

"If you are gani, makadungog sa iyang ma gipangsulti, daw mga yabag ba (When I heard that he said he was so upset)," Palma said in an interview before presiding over a mass to observe all the Soul Day at Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Mausoleum on Friday morning.

"He is not a theologian, and he has not even studied catechism or theology," the prelate added.

"He is an unofficial teacher, every time I hear that I'm saying such things, I just say to myself why he does this remark when he is not a teacher, we need to understand what we think and do not believe, what he says.

President Duterte again fired the Catholic Church on Thursday, this time in honor of the Saints and Absent on the two most important celebrations of the Catholic calendar, the celebration of All Saints Day and the Soul.

"Blessed are all saints …" Bakit naman … tarantado talaga itong mga Katoliko ang puta. Bakit ba every day of life in All Saints Day? Duterte asked
during a post-disaster command conference in Isabella.

(Blessed are all saints … Why do … these Catholics are fools, why are all the soul days and all the holy days?)

"Hindi natin alam kung sino mga santo on yun." Dito na lang kayo, I give you a patron saint.
my image, iyan lagay niyo sa altar, Santo Rodrigo, "he said.

(We do not even know who the saints who are crazy, drunk, just stay with me, give you a patron saint, get a picture of mine, put it on the altar to Santo Rodrigo.)

President Dortte's remark was on the same day when MalacaƱang sent messages to All Saints Day and All Souls Day, calling on Filipinos to hold a "solemn and solemn ceremony" and urged the population to "lift our saints ".

"Together, pray for our saints, pray for the eternal peace of souls and deepen our commitment to our community, while working for a real and lasting change," he said in his message.

Strong hit

Palma believed that Catholics in the country were sufficiently mature enough to release the president from scorning the saints.

"I believe our faith is strong enough to resist attacks on Catholicism." The Church had a long tradition of commemorating all the burners, because of their great love of God and the experience of their lives, they are now in heaven, "he said.

"Saints are our inspiration, we try to help them, and teachings serve our life." We are happy to help God through their intercessions, "he added.

Catholic doctrine places the Church of Jesus Christ in three realities: church triumpant, ecclesiastical suffering and church soldiers.

Heavenly souls, such as martyrs and saints, form the triumphal Church. These souls include those who have been proclaimed by the Church as saints and whose sins have been completely shaken.

The souls suffering from purgatory believed by Catholics are a place or state that is cleansed for forgiven sins, constituting the suffering of the Church.

These are the ones who need prayer and sacrifice.

The third group or the "military church" refers to every living human being.

"If there is a man who tells us that there is no eternal life after death, then I ask him why he should live for so many years when we disappear like bubbles when we die?" That kind of thinking is totally wrong – he explained Palm.

"We believe that after this life comes to eternal life, we hope that we will be reunited with our deceased loved ones in the eternal joy of heaven," he added.

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