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"Prohibition of import of pork to reduce losses of breeders"


By Jovee Marie N. dela Cruz And Samuel P. Medenilla

House of Representatives LEADER on Monday called on the government to introduce a moratorium on the import of all pig products to prevent pig farmers from increasing losses due to African swine fever (ASF).

Vice-president of the Chamber
Conrado Estrella from the Abono Party List noted that the local pork industry has
absorbed more than P1 billion losses since the terrifying ASF hit pig farms in

"I think it's time
for the government to impose a moratorium on pork imports until we do so
completely cleared our pig farms of the ASF threat. We must stop the bleeding before it also
late, "said Estrella.

He also said that the legislators supported the proposal to stop local meat processing
companies and distributors from buying imported pork, saying the Philippines
has sufficient supply to meet the needs of every Filipino.

"Visayas and Mindanao
can be used to supply affected meat processors who do not want to source pork
from Luzon, "Estrella said. "Now we ask where the meat infected with ASF virus comes from
samples come from Certainly not from local pig farmers. "

Local government units
they are currently blocking access to pork-related products, even imported ones
prevent ASF from impacting on pig farms in their areas. However, the chain is cold
The Philippines Association warned at BusinessMirror
report that this may cause congestion of ports as more containers
will be parked there.

Estrella is also supported
various campaigns assuring Filipinos that ASF has no impact on people

"Many local government units were
leading LechonThere are festivals in their cities
glorious efforts to ensure that their voters are safe to eat "

Deputy Majority Leader and Bagong Henerasyon
Rep. Bernadette Herrera said the Department of Home and Local Affairs
Government, Filipino national police highway patrol, land
Transport Franchising and Regulatory Board, Land Transport Office and
you need to mobilize the police in Barangay to help the Department of Agriculture (DA)
ensure the safety of local meat.

Herrera also wants the prosecutor to provide more monetary assistance
to home pig breeders and even large breeders, so that they do not hide either
to smuggle sick animals.

"Cash help is only for them that she can
through these hard times. We need honesty in the long run
food safety system much better than today, "she said.

Help for employees

work and employment (DOLE) must help workers who will be displaced
due to the impact of ASF on the local meat industry, according to
to Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP).

BMP issued
a statement after the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said reports
ASF has already begun to influence the demand for pork products.

Chairman of the BMP
Leody de Guzman said that DOLE should start "intensified monitoring" of meat
the processing industry to see if employees have been transplanted because of ASF, yes
they may receive an alternative livelihood or emergency employment.

"DA [Department of Agriculture] reported
P1 billion loss per month in the industry, but no calculations yet
how much ASF cost labor in terms of rotation, layoffs and extensions
business hours – said de Guzman.

De Guzman also called for job security
and the Health Center (OSHC) to develop better health standards and sanitation
agricultural and food industry employees.

He said this in response to growth
prevalence of livestock diseases that can affect workers.

"Our employees have been on the front line for so long
protecting consumers against industry cost reduction practices
diligence in handling food and packaging. We must afford the same
protection – said de Guzman.

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