The best black five in Amazon, offers gadgets


With many of the most popular offers of this Black Friday available online, you can just as well start from a few orders in the comfort of your home. In addition, Amazon has plenty of discounts and price cuts on all smart home appliances, televisions, accessories and other electronic devices that need to be moved into rooms with a lot of high-tech devices.

If you are faithful in the Amazon or just do not try to go out into the world to save a few bucks on your laptop or TV, here are a few offers from thousands of technology offers that you can easily plug.

Black Friday Smart Home Deals

Flashing security cameras

The Amazon Blink Home Security brand hits anywhere from $ 33 to $ 150 from Blink XT security cameras. Your savings will vary depending on the number of cameras you want, but it can not harm you to start with one if you want a device with an annual battery life and support for recording HD video.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Add an extra level of security and convenience to your home with the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect app. You can save up to $ 50 by buying Smart Lock and Wi-Fi Bridge accessories that allow you to control your home security from anywhere.

Philips Hue

Amazon raises up to 40% of its intelligent Philips Hue lighting devices, which are ideal for adding a bit (or a large amount) of colored lighting to the apartment.

Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon's Echo line of devices gets a deep discount on Black Friday. Whether you want to save $ 25 by buying Echo Dot third generation, or choosing Echo Plus for $ 109, you can also add additional smart home functionality by adding the Amazon Smart Plug with a value of USD 25 for USD 5.

Competitions for computers and tablets on Black Friday

Different computers, from Chromebooks to game consoles, are on sale. You can expect rebates for the Acer & # 39; s Predator gaming laptop, desktop Cyberpower game towers and other computer accessories (such as a giant gaming monitor from Dell or a portable Sprocket printer from HP).

Amazon Fire tablets

A line of cheap and child-friendly tablets from Amazon has some serious discounts. You can get a Fire 7 tablet for $ 30, a larger and recently released Fire 8 HD tablet for $ 50, and a larger Fire HD 10 tablet for $ 100.

Promotions for TV and home cinema on Black Friday

Toshiba 50 "4K UHD TV

If you're looking for a large TV with built-in streaming capabilities, the Toshiba 50-inch 4-speed UHD with built-in Fire TV software is just behind your alley. You can save $ 100 and pay $ 299 for a central home cinema system with built-in Wi-Fi and seamless live TV integration in conjunction with a wireless antenna.

LG Smart 4K TV

Save up to 15% on the latest Smart 4K LG TVs, offering both compatibility with Amazon Alex and the choice of streaming video providers, thanks to the intelligent WebOS software, so you can leave your keys and stick to the back.

Fire TV Stick 4K

Do you already have 4K TV? You can save $ 15 and add a Fire TV Stick set with 4K Amazon support to your existing setup for $ 39, which comes with an updated Alexa Voice remote control that can turn on and adjust the volume of your entire home cinema setup.

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