Unfortunately, OST "A Star Is Born" does not receive the Grammy Award


Judgment "A star is born Deserves the Grammy award for the original soundtrack "will make everyone who looks at her nods in harmony, but the whole album does not qualify for the award, and only" Shallow ", performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, will hold a torch .

According to IndieWire, the soundtrack was released on October 5, four days after Grammy's qualifying date (October 1), which ruined the chance of being nominated for the movie. But since "Shallow" debuted on September 27, he could simply get a Record or Song of the Year nomination.

Before you pull out the forks, A star is born– in the movie and the soundtrack – he still has a chance for the Oscars next year. In addition to "Shallow", Warner Bros. he also made the film "I never love again" and "I always remember us this way" in the category of the best original song. So Lady Gaga can receive triple Oscar nominations if all the songs are selected.

If you have not heard A star is born OST. Listen to this here. He also has all the feelings from the movie.


Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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