Zebaztian Kadestam believes that the loss for Ben Askren gave him valuable experience


Zebaztian "The Bandit" Kadestam saw for seven years many different battles as a professional martial artist. However, for the Swedish leader, his loss in relation to the former ONE CONTEMPORARY world champion, Ben Askren, had the greatest impact on his career.

More than a year ago, Askren dominated Kadestam on the way to the second round of TKO victory. It was a humiliating experience for Kadestam, but despite the loss, the "Bandit" confirmed the lesson he had learned, which he said should prove to be essential in his career.

"This defeat was the best experience of my career, because during my entire camp I learned a lot to get ready for Ben's supplies, which meant that I developed as a martial artist simply through the process of my training camp," Kadestam told onefc. com in July.

"During the attack, I could see what he was trying to do, and his response to what I was trying to do." Every 10 seconds he did something I could learn from, he was one step ahead of me in the whole duel and I learned so much from this experience.

"I think that my wrestling game has improved and changed completely as a result of this duel and I see it in my training, I achieve position and think:" How did I get to this position? "From my experience in competing with Ben.

"Of course, I was angry and disappointed immediately after losing, but it was learning experience, and it really made me a lot better. Martial arts is a journey, so you have to appreciate the ups and downs."

Kadestam combined a stunning performance from Agilan Thani Malaysia, which he finished in the third round with a striking sequence of strokes.

On Saturday, November 17, Kadestam has one more chance to apply the lessons that he learned from confronting Askren when he is heading for a second chance to become a world champion. Kadestam is to block the horns of undefeated American Tyler McGuire for the ONLY title of World Welterweight in the main ONE tournament: WARRIOR & # 39; S DREAM at the Istora stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This time, Kadestam thinks that he can deal with the situation much better.

"I've been training for such guys for so long, so I'm beginning to understand. I've been training hard and I'm feeling good, so I feel confident in this fight," Kadestam said.

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