Thursday , January 28 2021

A drama of a Polish musician. The Püdels leader is fighting a rare cancer. “Damaged Nerves, Muscle Atrophy”

The sad information about Andrzej Bieniasz’s health was given by his twin sister on Instagram Püdels. It is a legendary Krakow rock band with which musicians such as Maciej Maleńczuk, Olaf Deriglasoff and Maciej Miecznikowski have visited. It turns out that the leader of the Püdels family was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer several months ago – mantle cell lymphoma. From the team’s Instagram, we learn about the course of the disease.

“From November to May this year, he underwent a series of chemo and immunotherapy, culminating in a successful bone marrow transplant. He returned home, where he was recovering” – we read.

Unfortunately, in August Bieniasz’s health deteriorated rapidly. Terrible pains, paresis and fainting appeared.

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“After two weeks of agony and sleepless nights, he was admitted to the hospital. Polyneuropathy was suspected as a result of undergoing chemotherapy. The damaged nerves and atrophy of muscles made it impossible to move the limbs. He couldn’t play the guitar anymore, he couldn’t hold the phone in his hands, eventually he even stopped walking“- we read on Instagram Püdels.

The treatment unfortunately coincided with the second wave of the pandemic. Each time the tests before visiting the hospital extend the fight against the disease – and time is very valuable here.

“IBRUTYNIB, which is not reimbursed, is used in the case of relapse, i.e. the second line of mantle cell lymphoma. The cost of weekly therapy with this preparation is PLN 4,000. PLN. Treatment of relapse is combined with many months of treatment and costly rehabilitation. So far, Püdel and Beata, his wife, have incurred high costs of rehabilitation themselves and fortunately have been able to finance the first 3 weeks of treatment “- writes Bieniasz’s sister.

“In order to be able to continue treatment and enable Püdl to recover, we are forced to seek private financing and therefore we are asking you for help and financial support.” – Dobrowolska ends the entry.

The dramatic situation is complicated by the fact that the musician’s wife lost her source of income.

“37 years for good and for bad Püdel & Betti. Unfortunately, the hospital and the fight against the bad cd. Fighting the lymphoma that caught me is very difficult. […] Take care of yourself “ – Bieniasz writes on Facebook, attaching photos from the hospital where he is currently staying.

The fans rushed to help. On Tuesday afternoon, the counter of the assumed fundraiser indicated that that we managed to collect over 96 thousand. PLN out of the assumed 100 thousand.

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