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Big Brother 2: who is nominated to leave Big Brother's house? [NOMINACJE 10.11.]

IN "Big Brother 2 – Arena", on Sunday, November 10 2019, viewers met people nominated to leave the house of Big Brother. According to the results, Vasilis Tomazos dropped out of Big Brother this week. Earlier, Natalia Nienałtowska said goodbye to the program. Who will share their fate and say goodbye to Big Brother's house next Sunday? In the program we learned the names of the nominees.

Big Brother 2, Sunday 10/11: nominees Ewa and Kamil

In the ninth episode of "Big Brother – Arenas", we learned who of the participants received the most nominations and thus ended up on the endangered list. This week On November 10, Ewa Kępys and Kamil Lemieszewski are nominated to leave Big Brother. Each of them received four nominations.

Householders clearly have enough intrusiveness with which Ewa and Kamil build their relationship. In Ewa's behavior they saw insincerity, play and winding up an affair with Kamil to cause sensation. According to Ania and Wiktor, who had the opportunity to take a closer look at Ewa, the girl builds her position only thanks to the relationship with the colorful Kamil, and in fact she has a nondescript personality and nothing interesting to say. In turn, Kamil has traditionally got for insolence and an unexplored language. The girls did not like that Kamil while performing one of the tasks, together with Mateusz, diminished their intelligence.

Next Sunday, viewers will decide who of the nominees – Ewa or Kamil – will leave the house of Big Brother on 17/11/2019. Voting lasts for the next week and takes place in two ways – via SMS or online.

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