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Box. Latvians trumpeted the success after the WBO verdict regarding the fight Głowacki – Briedis


At first glance, everything seems logical: the WBO federation after more than four months acknowledged the protest of the Polish side, complaining about the scandalous course of the fight between Krzysztof Głowacki and Mairis Briedis, ordering Latvian to fight the fight against "Head" for the world championship in the next 120 days. Meanwhile, a completely different narrative is broadcast in the homeland of Briedis, where there is talk about … the success of the Latvian side.

In professional boxing, taking into account its specificity, the multitude of irrational moves and the number of bizarre decisions taken far from the ring, this decision is truly spectacular. On twenty-five pages of the document, which was created after many months of the Polish side's protest at the events in Riga, where Briedis's brutal foul (preceded by a "Head" strike to the back of the head) and the piling up errors of the main arbiter led to a quick "execution" on Głowacki, final resolution. The WBO Federation ordered Briedis to fight a 120-day duel with a Pole whose stake would again be the world champion title of one of the four leading professional boxing federations.

The scale of the protest surpassed the wildest expectations of the promoter "Head" Andrzej Wasilewski, although – from a tactical point of view – with the help of one of the American lawyers the fight was fought for the full pot, that is annulment of the duel. This could not be achieved, but obliging the winners' camp to the second skirmish within the set time limit is a great achievement in this "sporting business".

Głowacki's situation became more than comfortable in one moment, because he recently became a candidate for the fight for the vacant belt of the junior heavy weight champion WBC. However, it was primarily the scandalous defeat with Briedis in Riga that kept the Pole awake at night and there is no doubt that above all he was hungry for a revenge on a professional policeman.

It's just that in Latvia nobody wraps their hands, accepting the WBO federation's verdict with satisfaction. In an interview with, manager Briedis Raimonds Zeps was asked to comment for the first time in public on this "decision in their favor," as in Briedis's homeland it is accepted to maintain the verdict from the first duel.

Zeps clearly stated, which was even emphasized in the title of the conversation, that Briedis will fight in the final of the World Boxing Super Series tournament, to which – let's remind – promotion gave him victory over Głowacki. The second finalist of these well-paid struggles is the Cuban Yunier Dorticos. Therefore, referring to the words of Wasilewski, who called the WBO decision a huge achievement and the issue of bringing about a rematch of Głowacki with Briedis even before the final of WBSS, the manager said:

– I don't know exactly what they think they won. They know very well that Mairis has an iron contract with WBSS, which obliges him to fight in the final. (…) Mairis will take part in the tournament final, which is now clear and official. We've been doing all the work for this duel for the summer. All you have to do now is wait for information about the date and place, 'said Zeps.

Agent Briedis announced that if Głowacki of the two routes he currently has to choose decides to fight Latvian for the world championship, then his player will release the title of WBO, as he treats the duel with Dorticos as a priority.

– Then, for the Glowacki belt, labeled by Mairis, theoretically will have to fight with Firat Arslan, who ranks second, and if not him, then Yuri Kaszyński from Russia takes the next place – Zeps writes the script. He added that the most likely location of the gala, which would take place in January, is Moscow, but there is also the option of going to Saudi Arabia, as well as the second show in Riga.

The case is becoming very interesting, after all Wasilewski wrote directly on Twitter that by this decision the final of the WBSS tournament was suspended.

In this case, let us quote a fragment of an official WBO document in which we read: "It is strongly recommended that the organizers of the WBSS tournament consider the planning of the final, to take place after the rematch command mentioned above. If our recommendation is accepted, the final of the tournament should take place between the heavyweight champion IBF in junior heavyweight Yunier Dorticos and the winner of the hereby direct rematch. "


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