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Broken roofs in Lubelszczyzna and 170 interventions in Warsaw. IMGW issues warnings for the whole of Poland

On Monday, Poland was hit by heavy storms and rainstorms. The worst situation was in the province Lublin. The storm caused the most damage in the Kraśnik poviat – in the towns of Stróża and Stróża Kolonia.

The effects of a storm throughout Poland

In the Lubelskie Voivodeship, the fire brigade had to intervene over 60 times. All entries were related to the storm. As many as 40 of them concerned the Kraśnik poviat. Firemen also traveled to the residents of the Łuków and Rycki poviats. According to the fire brigade from Lublin, many roofs of houses were destroyed, as many as 25 such situations were reported. Firefighters were also busy pumping water from basements and removing obstacles from roads. Many trees are broken. It was necessary to secure the poles of the power line.

Storms also hit Lower Silesia. Atmospheric conditions were difficult, among others in Wałbrzych and several poviats: strzeliński, Wrocław and oławski. In addition to storms, windstorms and intense rainfall, some cities of Lower Silesia even appeared hail. The breeze was strong, so many roads were blocked by fallen trees.

It was also bad in Warsaw. According to the Warsaw fire brigade, Warsaw residents have called the fire service 170 times. Most of the reports concerned the Bielany and Żoliborz districts, where the storm was the most violent.

As we can see in the pictures published by Burz Stormtroopers, in the streets in Bielany there are trees uprooted. A dozen or so cars were also damaged, which were parked near the roadways. "Over the part of the Warsaw Bielany there was even a phenomenon of" wet microburst "consisting of very strong, punctual bumps of gusty wind during heavy rainfall" – we read on the profile of fascinates storms.

Many streets in Warsaw were flooded, because the wells could not absorb water. As we read in, in Targówek, residents of one of the streets took matters into their own hands and started to unclog the wells that had been congested during the downpour.

IMGW issues warnings for the whole of Poland

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management warns against heat and storms with hail that are expected to last until the end of July. On Monday, first and second degree warnings were issued against violent storms that affect most of Poland. Read more >>>

The second level IMGW warning applies to the following provinces: Śląskie; Lower Silesia; Opole; Małopolskie; Podkarpackie; Świętokrzyskie and parts of counties in the province Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie and Łódź. The first degree of danger applies in the Mazowieckie, Zachodniopomorskie, and Lubelskie Voivodships as well as in the parts of the Warmian-Masurian, Podlasie and Greater Poland Voivodships, Łódzkie and Lubuskie.

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