Damage infection in a school near Warsaw. The focus of the disease is spread


Based on information from the Warsaw Provincial Medical and Epidemiological Station, it appears that the tests have confirmed ten cases in Pruszków.

It turns out that no infected person was vaccinated against this disease. One of them is a family of six (two parents and four children). The remaining four people who have been victims of the virus come from two Polish children and two Ukrainian families.

The State Poviat Health Inspectorate conducted an "epidemiological study" to collect information and cover all people who may be in contact with measles.

This allowed inspectors to find out that the core of the virus was primary school 1 Pruszków, im. József Piłsudski, whose all-infected children participated.

Now put them in

"Our school works normally – they told us" in one ", with detailed information about the city's vice president.

Medical services are now trying to reach the school as quickly as possible for all children to send free vaccines that have not been vaccinated so far.

– Due to activities under the Compulsory Protective Vaccine Program, all primary schools with 450 children attending and 69 working adults will not be exposed to measles, says Maria Pawlak from the Warsaw State Health Inspectorate.

According to experts, according to experts, Pruszków's epidemiological focus is not expanding. The inspectors also detected a Piastów infant child and there are suspicions of the two children of Ukrainian origin Nadarzyn (the three are not vaccinated).

This is a very dangerous disease

There is no joke about measles, because Dr. Grażyna Cholewińska-Szymańska, a specialist in infectious diseases and the head of the 3rd Department of the Warsaw Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, may be complicated, sometimes very serious, even death, in a meeting with the Polska Press Agency.

Dr. Cholewińska-Szymańska added that the spread of anti-vaccine movement had a tremendous impact on the spread of measles in Poland. – The effect of their actions is only to feel. These movements have been operating in Poland for a decade, but they have been intensified over the last five years and have started to feel these effects – says the specialist.

Useful vaccines

He predicts that more and more complications and deaths are due to measles disease. The anti-vaccine movement is catastrophic to Poles' health – added Dr Cholewińska – Szymańska.

Before the introduction of mandatory vaccinations against childhood measles, nearly every human being had an illness and epidemics occurred every 2-3 years. In Poland, before the introduction of viral vaccines (1965-1974), the number of registered cases was 70,000. up to 130,000 between epidemics and 135,000. Up to 200,000 in epidemic years. Every year 200-300 children died and thousands of people had serious complications requiring long-term hospital care.

In 2017, however, more than 40 cases were registered in January-September. However, this year, during the same period, the number of cases increased – up to 120.

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