Tuesday , December 1 2020

Doda recorded a video in the swimsuit itself. This is how he plays in Turkey. “The weekend has become 3 weeks”

Doda’s private life warmed up the colorful press once again. It all started with the photos that an American musician posted online. In one of the posts, the man even suggested that he is engaged to Rabczewska. The star itself is reluctant to comment on the rumors and guesses of Internet users. Her husband, Emil Stępień, assured them that they had not parted. What is Doda doing during this time? He is resting in Turkey.

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Doda cried at the last scene of her film

Doda is tempting in the holiday video

Dorota Rabczewska has long been a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Regular training and healthy eating paid off. The star can boast a slim, athletic figure, which is often praised on his Instagram profile. This time, Doda showed a video in which she is wearing only a swimsuit.

It’s fun, but the weekend has turned into 3 weeks and I only have 2 costumes. And I miss it already, and how is the situation in Pl? From today there is a curfew in Turkey after 8 pm – we read next to the photo.

She will addDoda comments on the relationship with the American surfer? This is the first such sign. “Like in love”

There are many kind comments in the comments under Rabczewska’s newest post. Loyal fans admire the figure of their idol. Some Internet users even felt motivated to keep in shape.

Watching your photos, I recently got my asshole off the couch and started exercising.

Gee, if I had such a figure, I would only wear clothes! You are an inspiration in yourself.

You petardo – we read.

She will addDoda spoke on the Culture Support Fund. She did not mince words

In early November, Doda informed her fans that she was going to spend the lockdown in Turkey. As you can see, the trip planned for a few days was indeed much longer. Why? This is not known.

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