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M jak miłość, episode 1474: After the divorce of Bartek the beehive will be completely alone! Janek will choose Sonia


M for love episode 1397. Ula (Iga Krefft)
M for love episode 1397. Ula (Iga Krefft)

If the divorce "M jak miłość" becomes a fact and Ula (Iga Krefft) finally parting with Bartek (Arkadiusz Smoleński) will not have to count on Janek's consolation (Tomas Kollarik)! Ula's ex-fiancé miraculously survives the shooting of Grzelak (Jakub Kornarcki) and in 1474 episode "M jak miłość" will start a new life – with Sonia (Barbara Wypych)! What will happen with Ula? Immediately after Bartek demands a divorce from her, she will be alone – without her husband and ex-beloved, who will choose another.

"M jak miłość" episode 1474 – Tuesday, 26/11/2019, at 20.55 on TVP2

Ula and Bartek from "M jak miłość" will divorce? This remains to be seen soon, but certainly Lisiecki will announce to his wife that he wants to part, that he is not going to continue their marriage since Ula still feels something for Janek. What will make him do this?

A shootout that will take place in a forest in Grabin and an assault on Ula. Janek will stand in her defense and risk his life. Seriously wounded after the shot, Morawski will be dying, but he will miraculously survive. And Bartek, seeing in the 1471 episode "M jak miłość", Ula near Janek's bed, will demand a divorce from her!

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And although soon in "M jak miłość" in this situation Janek will get another chance from fate to be with Ula, to fight for his beloved, he will not take advantage of her. The tragic events during the attack on Ula make him realize that he should finally end their relationship once and for all.

Janek, who is on the verge of life and death, will clearly understand that there is no point in soliciting the feelings of a married woman, since she has faithful, devoted and loving Sonia at her side. Already after leaving the hospital, in the 1474 episode "M jak miłość" Janek will choose Sonia. You can be seduced by a policewoman who will take care of him and assure her of affection. The passionate kiss of Janek and Sonia will herald their re-affair.

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