Mateusz Ziółko lives in Nowy Sącz. "It's a great place to live" – ​​says the winner of the program Your Face sounds familiar


Why the prize in the Your Face program sounds familiar just to the Sądecki Hospice?

I feel courteous. I have lived here since March, here I have my family. That's my idea of ​​a life, to connect with Nowy Sacz forever. Someone once said that if we want to change the world, we must start with what is closest to us. And the Sącz Hospice is a great initiative that I've heard about for many years. Opinions about running this resort are really very good. I thought that if something could be achieved in this program, it would benefit the Sądecki Hospice.

Your relationship with the institution does not end there?

I was asked to become such a media face of the Sądecki Hospice. So that we would work together for the benefit of this center and promote this initiative in the media as widely as possible. This is a nice beginning of a long adventure.

I will ask for participation in the "Your face sounds familiar" program. Was it difficult for you to play the roles of individual artists?

It was terribly difficult. The entire program is an amazing experience. A moment ago I was telling the story of the whole program, and the most amazing thing in this adventure was that I had the opportunity to meet all artists whose songs I knew, but it turned out that I knew them superficially and to get into their mentality, feelings and way of performing music. I had to learn a lot about them. I read a lot, listened to their recordings and did it in a completely different way than before. This experience is very special. Thanks to this, I also started to look at myself as a music. This program gave me the same pros.

Now you play the role of a local hero. What kind of feeling is it?

I do not feel that I am playing the role of a hero. In the end, I can be myself. I stand here finally with my beard, which has grown back after the program. I always feel uncomfortable when I have to receive some honors. This is not the point. If we do something for other people, it is not to praise and praise it, but to help it. This is the best reward if a man in his heart feels good about it. With this heroism I would not exaggerate.

You have lived in Nowy Sacz since March. What in addition to your wife, of course, do you like the Sącz region?

It's wonderful here, that's why I decided to live here. In general, I am a boy from the village, the big city never attracted me. Here in Nowy Sacz, I feel great. I have mountains, and I love mountains because I come from Orava, or nearby regions. Everything that is needed in the city is here, because there are also beautiful pubs, markets and the atmosphere. All this away from the hustle and bustle and with cool people. It really is the perfect place to live.

You have already found your place, and what are your artistic plans for the upcoming months?

I would like to buy a piano in the coming weeks. I'm just going to see and listen to him. Then I start work on the next album. These recordings have shifted due to participation in the program "Your Face Sounds Familiar". I could do nothing more than participate in the program and tour. There was a lot of it all, and now I have more time and peace, so I go into the studio and work on the next album. I feel that I have to. As for further plans, I can reveal that I will perform during the concert for the Sądecki Hospice, but I will tell you a little later about its details.

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