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Minecraft Earth – pre-registration has started

Is there anyone in the room who has not even heard of Minecraft? I suspect not. However, if you miraculously obeyed yourself, soon your chances of hearing this title will increase significantly. All thanks to Minecraft Earth, which will use elements of augmented reality.

It started with Pokémon. Later it was Harry Potter, and now it is time for the next title who will give the opportunity to cooperate in real life. Soon we will be able to create and explore locations using our smartphones. And all this in the real world, among our friends from homes or blocks of flats. The creators of the game intend to go slightly above the scheme that Niantic had previously proposed.

Yes, the game will use characteristic locations where players will be able to meet, but some kind of innovation will be the creation of large buildings in natural sizes. This opens up great opportunities that will definitely attract many people to the game. If – like me – you are waiting for a demonstration of the possibilities of Mojang studio, then you can already use the early registration mechanism. You will then be – as one of the first – notified that the title can now be downloaded to your phone.

Microsoft challenges Pokemon GO. Meet Minecraft Earth

The title will also offer events, which will be based on personalized scenarios for specific locations. However, so that it is not too easy, players will have to accumulate resources that can be obtained at selected points in the real world. This is another distinguishing feature that emphasizes that Microsoft and Mojang do not follow the path set by the competition. Autumn walks promise to be really interesting;)

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