Mobile laboratories from Orlen for CAS


Three modern laboratory wagons were handed over to PKN Orlen for the National Tax Administration – the head of KAS Marian Banaś and the president of Orlen Daniel Obajtek informed on Wednesday's conference at the Ministry of Finance.

These cars, as it was informed, enable quick determination of the composition of liquid fuels imported into Poland and transported throughout the country. They will help KAS in detecting illegally imported fuel.

"We would like to thank the President for the mobile laboratories handed to us, which will contribute to better sealing of the tax system," Banaś said at the conference. "We still have 14 percent of the tax gap, so we have what to do," he added.

He said that between January 1 and August 31, two mobile laboratories used by KAS questioned nearly 20 percent. samples tested.

Banaś also reminded that in the first eight months of 2018 tax revenues were higher than in the analogous period of 2017 by approximately PLN 17.2 billion, including VAT revenues in this amount, PLN 5.5 billion, and excise tax receipts. PLN 2.4 billion.

All this thanks to new instruments implemented by the PiS government, such as the JPK, split payment, and also due to the consolidation of the customs and tax administration on the establishment of KAS – he argued.

The President of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek said that the company treats wagons "not as a gift, but as an investment". He added that the company will continue to help in the fight against extortion of taxes. "It is a good investment not only for Orlen, but also for the Treasury," he said. "We must eliminate this pathology related to fuel mafias and the gray zone as much as possible," he argued.

He pointed out that thanks to sealing mechanisms, such as the fuel package, Orlen transferred PLN 17 billion to the budget in the first half of the year, while in the first half of 2015 it was PLN 12 billion.

The next two vehicles are to be transferred to KAS by the end of November. Ultimately, KAS will have seven cars (currently it has two), handed over by Orlen last year. "As of today, it is a sufficient number," said Deputy Minister of Finance and Deputy Finance Minister Piotr Walczak. The cars are to be used throughout the country.

Banaś added that KAS is also interested in mobile roentgen machines that Orlen is also supposed to transfer.

During the conference, Obajtek gave Banasi symbolic keys to mobile laboratories. Then the head of KAS and the president of Orlen watched the cars in the courtyard in front of the Ministry of Finance. (PAP)

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