Pakistan: Missing Christian Woman in Asia Bibi's husband asks for asylum – News


Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court overturned Bibi's death sentence and ordered his release if they did not accuse them of any other charges. The court found that the death penalty was based on dubious evidence and that the accused pleaded guilty to the "hostile" hostile crowd.

This decision caused the anger of Islamic fundamentalists. Thousands of their supporters were sentenced to death in the streets of many Pakistani towns.

Her husband, Ashiq Masih, stated in a video that he was worried about the family's life. "Please Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for help, and if possible give us leave," he said. He asked for his help to Canada and the US.

Earlier in his interview with Deutsche Welle in Germany, Masih said he and his family were "afraid" after the Pakistani authorities agreed with the radical Islamist party. It is projected that the authorities will begin the process of closing protests, preventing Bibi and his family from traveling from the country.

The government does not object to attempts to revise the Supreme Court's legal decisions.

– I felt cold in the news of the deal … The current situation is very dangerous to us. We are hiding here and there, we often change our location, Masih said.

– My wife, Asia Bibi suffered a lot. She spent ten years in jail. Her daughters are dying for longing, but reviewing the court's decision extends her suffering, she added.

Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudry agreed with the Islamists in an interview with the BBC, arguing that it was "extinguishing fire" and "resolving the situation without violence". He also said that the authorities applied additional security measures to protect Asia Bibi and his family and did not endanger his life.

Asia Bibi, or rather Asia Noreen, was the first woman to be condemned to death under the Drakes' law for the violation of the Prophet Mohammed. His case began in June 2009 when Bibi went to other women working for water and fruit collection. Two Muslim women refused to drink from "unclean food" used by Christians. In the debate that followed, Bibi made insulting remarks about Mahomet.

Then the woman was beaten in her home where the witnesses must know the Blasphemy. Shortly thereafter, the police arrested him.

The case has outraged Christians in the world and has divided the divisions in Pakistan. Two high-ranking politicians who wanted to help the woman were murdered.



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